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New Stories For New Times – Scandic Grand 1 – 6/9 13:00

Day: September 6th

Time: 13:00 – 15:00

Venue: Scandic Grand Hotel

The industry development is fantastic, and challenging.

Netflix has 112 nominations for the 2018 Grammy Awards. That same company cannot participate in the Oscars, but are advertising their series heavily in the cinemas. Influencers have created a whole new scene, and a Chinese Corporation has just acquired the Swedish movie chain SF. We could go on about crowdfunding and the blockchain that facilitate never-before-possible productions.

Where are we heading? How can we support great new stories in this new age?

Welcome to the seminar, where producers, production companies and distributors will have their say on the future development.

Introduction on innovation and creativity – Tobias Degsell, key-note speaker and former curator of the Nobel Museum.

Introduction: “Innovation and creativity” – Tobias Degsell, Combiner. (Key-note speaker and former curator of the Nobel Museum.) Tobias is an expert on creativity, constantly travelling as keynote speaker at international events. Tobias was formerly curator of the Nobel Museum.

Larter: “Distributed communities and crypto currency” – Rich Tella. Rich is a crypto currency veteran as well as videographer. Rich attended the first course on digital currency in Nicosia. Rich is involved in Qwids, a community building platform for creating projects on the crypto world or regular world.

In the panel:


Mikael Flodell – producer, Drama Suecia. Mikael works with movie productions, TV-series, documentaries, music videos. His much anticipated feature movie “The Uppsala Kidnapping” opened august 24th.

Marianne Furevold-Boland – executive producer, NRK in Norway. Marianne has a background as journalist, TV host, and radio producer. Nowadays famous as producer behind the phenomenon SKAM – a new story for new times if there ever was one…

Greger Hagelin – founder, Utopia Music. Greger is a serial entrepreneur – one of the founders fashion brand WeSC. Currently involved in the startup Utopia Music, a blockchain-based music service.

Henric Larsson, Chimney

Annica Bellander Rune – executive producer at Jarowskij, one of Sweden’s most successful production companies. Annica’s first big project as producer was “A Man Called Ove” – one of the most successful Swedish movies all times (as well as multiple Oscar nominee). Annica has produced the new feature movie Lyckligare Kan Ingen Vara, “It’s All About Love”.

Erika Edman – executive producer and project developer with Warner Bros Drama, Stockholm. Producer of 38 episodes of Swedish drama series Maria Wern for TV4/CMore. Former on the board of Film Capital Sweden. Background as producer at advertising agencies in the US as well as Sweden.

Moderator – Per Söderström – ever-curious professional at . Background from marketing, advertising, commercial collaborations with feature movie and TV-productions. “The future is the future”.

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