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Mikaela Simonsson (SE)

With a strong and confident voice, delicate emotions convey in an intimate and beautiful way. Life is reflected with all its contrasts; light and darkness, maximum joy and joy deepest sorrow, happiness and pain. Redeem Mikaela Simonsson takes the task when she wears the heart’s heart in words and words. Growed, and now living, just outside Jönköping, Mikaela has written music since 10-age. Her life has been characterized by the music, she has found that it has expressed feelings, thoughts and events. When the words are no longer enough, the music goes on. Already in the teens she had used to stand on stage as well as writing text and music. But it would take a while before she really dared to bet on her own music.

In 2011 Mikaela entered the wall. Like so many others, the pressure became too big. When she struggled Back after that experience, it became like a silence in life. In the void the dream grew all the stronger – to live for the music. So, at the age of 23, Mikaela took the full step.

And because she had known the darker contrasts of life, her lyrics got a deep like nobody could imagine. She has since had hundreds of gigs around southern Sweden. Already under her first year as an artist, she recorded her first album, Eternal Perspective (2013). Two years later, the second album was released, in its current state (2015). A few months after the release she hired a cabin in the mountains to write more music. Mountain hiking was reversed with songwriting, which resulted in EP Silverlinings (2016). Words associated with Mikaela are, among other things, productive. Only in 2016 she produced one own concert, wrote and launched notes for both choir and solo, collaborated with different songwriter, featured on television … All this while working out and releasing her EP, was continuously out on gigs and wrote new songs. Whether you hear her live or on CD, it goes unnoticed – the soul and the depths of hers music is wearing. It goes straight from heart to heart. The gray scale of life is conveyed in a hot color explosion.

Her lyrics personalize the feelings and events we can not find words for.

In short, your day gets another dimension when you hear Mikaela and her music.


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