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Mary Read (SE)

Mary Read hails from Sweden and consists of Lars Nerback (accordion), Teresa Axner (vocals) and Magnus Nygard (sequencers and soundscapes). Their lyrics take inspiration from historical events and oral storytelling, while their music echoes of Nordic traditional music, Americana, neofolk, industrial and dark ambient. Mary Read’s songs have been described as cinematic, moving and catchy.

Lars, Magnus and Teresa came together in 2016 to work on a music theater project. With Lars and Teresa having mainly worked with acoustic, folk and traditional, and Magnus with a background in industrial music, they brought very different flavors to the partnership.

Together, the three of them started creating a hybrid of acoustic and electronic, taking inspiration from the mournful sounds of traditional Nordic fiddle tunes, industrial music’s mechanical beats and a host of other sources. This collaboration grew into “The Life and Death of Mary Read”, which interspersed songs with soliloquies given by Teresa, narrating the dramatic life story of the titular pirate.

In the summer of 2017, they took the show on the road. Despite the band being completely unknown, word spread about the peculiar electrofolk pirate musical, and it quickly gained a cult following. When Mary Read played Sweden’s Visby Medieval Week festival, the shows sold out – at a point where no recording of the music existed yet. Encouraged by the success, the three collaborators decided to continue playing and writing together on a more permanent basis.
During the fall of 2017, Mary Read have recorded the music from “The Life and Death of Mary Read” as a concept album. It was released on May 18th 2018, available on all major platforms.

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