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Martha Paton (GB)

Martha Paton is a South London-based singer and writer of little chocolate-box songs about the city, suburbia, and how f****d we all are. Born in the badlands of Hampshire and raised on the worst pop excesses of the 90s and early 00s, she now specialises in folk and country-infused pop (which she calls Briticana) that takes cues from Laura MarlingRegina SpektorMargo Price and First Aid Kit. You may have seen her busking a gut out on the South Bank, or supporting artists like Rae MorrisKim Churchill and Joel Baker.

Martha kicked off the year with the release of her single Sleeping in Suburbia, which toys with the cheery themes of isolation, ennui and death with insight and playfulness. It was featured on Record of the Day and Folk Radio UK.

“We were hooked on this from first listen which is why it’s also our Song of the Day.” – Folk Radio UK

“…a beautiful slice of country and folk-infused pop” – Record of the Day

Queens of the New Age is Martha’s most recent release and is her first step into the craft of production. Working with Parousia Productions to create a strong yet delicate dedication to the modern day woman, the song showcases Martha’s ever present intricate lyricism and smooth vocal hums and touches on themes of age and identity with beauty and bite with an all-female ensemble. 

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