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Marie Chain (DE)

Marie Chain is Germany’s new soul sensation. After endless gigs on streets and stages the world over, as well as years of experimentation, Marie Chain’s first solo album “Chainge” is finally out. She’s bringing her band and the studio album along with her on a tour through Germany. The Berlin singer, pianist and songwriter mixes old and new as she catapults vintage soul, blues and funk into the 21st century. Her songs reflect experiences she has had during the past few years. They describe the self-confidence and independence of a woman in a male-dominated world. Marie Chain started playing piano at the age of five. She says, “My greatest inspirations are the soul and blues musicians of the ’50’s and ’60’s”. Influences from modern radio and house music have also crept into the mix. The trained musician composes her songs in English.

She lived for several years in Barcelona ​​and traveled to New York and London before landing in Berlin. Together with her band and producer Charles “Chicky” Reeves, who has worked with such artists as Ray Charles, James Brown, Prince and The Rolling Stones, she recorded her debut EP “All We’ve Got”, which was released in 2016, in London. In addition to entertaining, Marie Chain wants her music to stimulate listeners to think, as well as raise their awareness of social issues. With a unique, sometimes bright, sometimes rough soul voice, she sings about intimate stories and calls for change in her current studio album “Chainge”.

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