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This quartet wasfounded by Jake Farrugia and David Hägelstam towards the end of 2016. After several changes in membership, they got tired of repeatedly having to teach the songs to new members, deciding to focus only on those present in the rehearsal room at the time. Influenced by Oasis, Caesars and the Stooges, the band has written a shit ton of songs and played them at various Swedish clubs and one (!) festival. During September of 2017 they opened for VURRO at his tour of Sweden, and in 2018 they will open for ex-Ramone Richie Ramone for his tour of Sweden, in addition to their own shows around Sweden and the rest of Europe.

During May of this year, the band released its third single in 3 dimensions – English, Spanish and German. The single was celebrated with a surprise set at Stockholm’s Radiohuset, which unfortunately had to end early as security arrived to confiscate the filmed material.

So what’s the big deal about this pop phenomenon?

LULA are up front about their message – like hell the grass is greener on the other side, It just has another nuance.

Dead pop music is being revived, not for mere nostalgia, but to supply this gray world and energy-deficient generation with fresh batteries.

LULA promises to sate your needs, both at the after party and the post-party anxiety attack.

Get it?


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