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Ivory Tusk (ARG)

Ezequiel de Lima is an Argentinean singer-songwriter who performs under the name Ivory Tusk. His folk-influenced songs, with fingerpicking acoustic guitar style and thoughtful lyrics, have been described as “a bright shiny autumn” and the perfect soundtrack for road trips. Compared to Jose Gonzalez and The Tallest Man on Earth, the DIY musician has been growing non-stop in his own road-trip music journey.

In 2016, he embarked on his first road trip tour through the US and 2017 found him touring Europe for six months, playing more than 35 shows in more than 15 countries, with highlights such as opening for Grammy-nominee singer-songwriter Thomas Dybdahl, playing four showcases at Live at Heart in Orebro, Sweden (with positives mentions in local blogs and newspaper and a local tv interview), 3 Sofar Sounds concerts (Oslo, Lund & Weimar) and a show in Festa della Musica in Switzerland, among others.

The future is bright for the independent troubadour and 2018 will cement his European presence with his second tour, presenting new songs off an upcoming album.

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