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I’m Not A Blonde (IT)

I’m Not A Blonde (But I’d Love To Be Blondie) are the multi-instrumentalists and singer-songwriters Chiara “Oakland” Castello and Camilla Matley. Based in Milan they’ve been working together since 2014 writing electro-pop songs that bring together many different influences. Beats and synths from the ’80, brith-punk guitars and melodies from the ’90 to create a unique world of their own. Their music and performance is based on the equilibrium of their 2 personalities, Camilla Matley who is also an architect loves strict, sleek style, while Chiara, who studied design, always prefers to leave a bit of noise and disorder around her, so their work reflects the research to find balance among different aspects of their characters such as irony and madness, minimalism and art-pop, digital and analog, fun and seriousness.

Between October 2014 and July 2015 they published 3EPs, each one of them contains 3 songs to form a trilogy ironically called “3P”. All 9 songs were then collected together to be released as their first full length “INTRODUCING I’M NOT A BLONDE” in February 2016 for Italian label INRI-METATRON. During these 3 years of activities they’ve been touring in Europe taking part in important festivals sharing stages with Duran Duran, Moderat Soulwax, Peaches, Levante, Max Gazzè, Bluvertigo and Hurts. Recently they opened for The Killers in Rome. The new album “THE BLONDE ALBUM” was released on January 26th 2018.


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