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Saturday 8 of September, 10:00 (am) at Scandic Glora

Three years ago, we had the director and producer Kavi Raufi on Live at Heart talking about his new tv series and how he would choose music.

The TV series “Systerkoden” just had premiered on SF anytime and now Kavi is back explaining how he chooses the music and why? Also how it was to communicate with the artists and the people around it. also brining Rickard Åstedt Director of Photography for the TV Serie. This is how to get an insight into how the working process is around a production of a TV series what tehy are seeking after and how to present it right. On the panel is also Ulrika Holmberg from Musichelp who provided some of the music.


Kave Raufi (Kave Film)

Ulrika Holmebrg (Musichelp)

Rickard Åstedt (Ljud och Bildmedia)

Moderator: Peter Åstedt