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HALM was formed in 2009 by Lisa Johansson, Johanna Sandgren, Maja Lundgren and former member Linnéa Stolpe Östman. They were picked out to play together at the graduation in 7th grade, and then discovered their mutual love and interest in country and bluegrass music. It was natural to continue to play together, and in the beginning of 2012 they recieved the request to play at the Country & Westernfestival at Gumboda Hed where they did their first big appearance as HALM, and returned to the festival two times in three years.

The same year after Gumboda Hed, they played at different festivals, bars and events, and in the beginning of 2013 they entered the music contest Livekarusellen. They won the district final, and flew down to Malmo to represent Västerbotten in the national finals. They ended up in second place out of a total of 600 bands, and banjo player Johanna Sandgren won an award for the best instrumentalist of the contest. The prize included hours to spend at a studio, and The Trigger EP was released in 2014.

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