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Gaia Salamandra (SE)

The Scandinavian mystical artist Gaia Salamandra carries an ancient modern sound of music. Her mission is to unite different styles and cultures to spread the voice of mother nature. The music is described as World Beat with sounds reminding of an early Björk or as she likes to call it “Contemporary Earth Music”.

The Fist official single “Energy” was released in Nov 2017 and she is now touring around Scandinavia with her show Gaia Salamandra Tipi Tour. Sponsored by one of the world’s biggest tipi companies Tentipi. In the winter and spring of 2018 she’s been performing in festivals in both South Africa and United States.

Gaia Salamandra is the artist that pulls you in to her world with her powerful voice and eye capturing presence.

With her ancient and at the same time modern sound, she brings you on a journey through new dimensions.

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