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Ermo is an electronic music duo from Portugal. Their sound has inspired tags such as ‘interventionist’, describing the young duo’s music as pop dipped in a mixture of hip-hop, post-punk grinds and footwork leanings. Truth be told, Ermo strive to see each record as a way of boarding in the next phase for their music. Ermo started in 2012, when they released their first self-titled EP. That following year, ‘Vem por Aqui’, their first long-feature album, came out on NOS Discos to great critical acclaim, being wildly praised as innovative and ground-breaking. 

As audiences grew bigger, they toured Europe and Brazil during the following 2 years, having released a new EP called ‘Amor vezes Quatro’ in 2015. 
This long-feature release depicts modern society and human behaviour engulfed in the digital world. Built to surprise and intrigue, they present you with 9 tracks about two humans diving through the looking glass. ‘Lo-fi Moda’ works beautifully as a metaphor for vanity, self-validation and narcissism. It’s the first major release for Ermo and their confirmation as moguls of the uncanny.

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