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Electric Feel Good (SE)

A Band that brings the 70’s sound back, blues it up, make it a little dirty, add a dash of tomorrows news and there you have it..

From the deep forests of Hälsingland, in northern Sweden, the rumbling sound of Electric Feel Good was born in 2015. They deliver the rawest sound of classic Rock n Roll with an electric touch.

​Besides putting on shows on shady pubs, festivals and motorcycle clubs around in Sweden they have been support for Ebbot (former frontman of Soundtrack of our Lives) and the legendary band The Animals.

Influenced by the raw sound of The Hellacopters, the musicality and image of The Rolling Stones and the grooviness of Faces – Electric Feel Good are making new classics.

The first single ”Mr. Nice” came in January followed by the single “Trip to Nowhere” that they released during the summer tour with the same name.
Electric Feel Good is releasing their full-length debut album under their own label in autumn 2018.

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