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Dokumentet- Sex, Sprit & Solidaritet (SE)

Org. titel – Dokumentet: Sex, sprit & solidaritet


55 min


Director: Mikael J. Boson, Åke Lundström

Producer: Åke Lundström

On May 8, 1978, it was unusually quiet at Aftonbladet’s editorial board. A stencilated document lay on everyone’s desk. “If our life on Aftonbladet, of the women in Aftonbladet’s editorial staff” was on the red cover, there were witnesses about sexual harassment and a deep-rooted alcohol culture at the workplace. The manifesto created an upset debate and later led to Aftonbladet launching the Swedish press’s first women’s reaction. This documentary is about the document, 40 years for #metoo, changed the world, at least a little.

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