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Diamond Thug (ZA)

It all started in late 2012, Danilo was at a festival and stumbled upon a small stage on which Chantel was performing. Mesmerised by Chantel’s effortless vocal performance, he was introduced by a mutual friend and suggested starting an experimental music project. In 2013 the duo played their debut show. Impressed with what he witnessed, Adrian Culhane asked the duo if they needed a guitarist. Danilo declined, but offered the position of drummer. The duo became a trio and somehow Adrian managed to make his way onto guitar and get his way. That meant the band needed a drummer again, cue Ted Buxton. Having briefly become acquainted with Danilo at university, a not so sober Ted was in the audience for Diamond Thug’s show at the prestigious Oppikoppi festival. He decided to sneak onto stage after a great show to congratulate his new friend. “Quickly hug me, I told security I was your cousin!” said Ted, surprised that his lie had worked and that he had actually managed to get on stage at Oppikoppi. The band obliged and bonded with their new friend backstage over beers.

Since their formation Diamond Thug continually evolved, always striving to create a unique sound from their unique perspective. Floating through genres such as Pop, Electronica and Psych-Rock, they create ethereal cosmic soundscapes as the bedrock below Chantel’s hauntingly beautiful melodies. The pursuit of an authentic and honest sound has earned the band various honours globally, with performances at SXSW, over a million streams across platforms and a Platinum selling collaboration with South African legends Goldfish.

Grammy Award winner Darryl Torr had this to say about the band: “When listening to Diamond Thug, you are taken on a journey. It’s the effortless vocals, supported by a solid band, that tips you over the edge and pulls you through into their world. It’s rare to find a voice that can execute such interesting melodies so effortlessly as well as a band that leaves space for the vocals to shine, yet are able to maintain musical integrity.”

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