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Crooked Trees (SE)

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Crooked Trees is a duo consisting of Kevin Spring (Lead Guitar) and Emil Salmi (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar) formed in 2016. With influences ranging from old classics like The Doors and Bruce Springsteen, to more modern acts like Kings of Leon and Mumford & Sons, Crooked Trees have a unique pop-rock sound with bluesy folk vibes.

In the summer of 2015, instead of joining their colleagues for the traditional after-work beer on Fridays, Kevin and Emil decided to start playing some after-work guitar together. They would meet up in an industrial area in the southern suburbs of Stockholm and play all night long.

Through mutual friends, Crooked Trees got in touch with Swedish producer Mikael Nord (The Rasmus, The Scorpions). Nord was impressed by their sound and recommended them to producer Lennart Östlund, former owner of legendary Polar Studios where acts like Led Zeppelin, ABBA, Rolling Stones, Rammstein and many more have recorded.

Shortly after they went into the studio with Lennart Östlund and Rolf Alex, Crooked Trees got signed by Music Help in late 2016. 
After the succes of Crooked Trees short summer tour, Emil and Kevin are currently in the process of writing new songs, that will be recorded in late 2017, in collaboration with Lennart Östlund and Rolf Alex.


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