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Canary Islands (SE)

The third release, and debut album, from Canary Islands is a piece of dreamy, outlaw pop – adult emo. The songs are performed with Swedish and English lyrics. Intertwined in the mix are instrumental parts; monotonous tunes.

All musical genres are explored. The references are abundant: Have you heard of Hasse Andersson? Have you heard about ambient techno from Norra Grängesbergsgatan? You have heard about glittery slacker-pop and the Pet Shop Boys.

This time they’ve produced the music themselves, along with Fredrik Sunding at the notorious/distinguished Tambourine Studios in Malmoe.

This text is a shout out, asking only one thing: Kindly use your ears and listen. The lyrics are included for your sing-along pleasure. Please give us your thoughts, notes and opinions! Convey your message literally, liberally or virally! Use any medium: print, sound or image – as you like it. Get in touch! If you want to have words with Martin von Inghardt, the creative leader of the band, we can make that happen. If, for some obscure reason, you need a bassline explained by Jesper C Walldorf, we might be able to arrange that too. They’re all here if you need them! They’re here even if you don’t need them. But, for sure, they need you.

Reach out!

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