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Björn Lycklig (SE)

Björn Lycklig has many things on going all the time and started his musical course as a front figure in several local bands, in Sala among others. Blixtlås. He moved to Örebro as a 15-year-old and went out of high school with scholarship as, the school’s rock star # 1. After high school he, together with his friends, formed the energetic pop band Generalerna, after five years of tournament weekly and with songs like “Kvartifem” and “Jockes kalas” Today, millions of listenings later the band put the instruments down.

Björn has been nominated for this year’s local artist for two consecutive years in Örebro, has received an annual anniversary celebrations of the Ingbofestival and has participated in several productions with rock poet Anders F Rönnblom. In Björn Lyckligs band we have musicians from bands like Lars Winnerbäck, Anders F Rönnblom, Kjell Höglund, Thomas Di Leva, Stefan Sundström, Pontus och Amerikanerna, and Hans & Greta. The latest single “Snows in Stockholm” received a lot of attention during the winter of 2017.

The song is recorded live in a house we rented last summer in Glanshammar. It was produced by Zebo Hillborg, who for twenty years later sang “Bakom mina solglasögon”. Zebo, along with Philip Saxin, has mixed / produced Björn Lycklig albums, which will be released in 2018. On one of the tracks, we hear the legend Peter R Ericson as a producer such as. has worked with artists like Cornelis and Monica Zetterlund.

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