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Beatrice Aurore & The Make-Believers (SE)

The music of Beatrice Aurore combines social criticism and fairytales in a swirling ride on the merry-go-round, and each song tells its own story. Disguised in metaphors the lyrics gracefully balances on the edge of imagination and reality like a tightrope dancer. Behind the playful masks hides a message that could be both encouraging and frightening.
Together with her Make-Believers she invites you to admire “the Strange”. Their spectacular display asks us why what we fear in life may transform into something most intriguing when put upon a stage.
Can you tell who’s sane and who’s mad when the curtain has fallen?

Aurore formed the group ”Beatrice Aurore & the Make-Believers” in 2010 and has since won 1st place in the extensive Swedish music competition ”Musik Direkt”. They have played concerts in Riga, Bucharest, Trondheim and Stockholm as well as several smaller tours throughout Sweden.
The group consists in its basic form of Beatrice Aurore by the piano singing lead and her two backup singers Scarlet Snicker (Jenny Felldin) and Lindy Long-Legs (Maria Heartman). Both dressed as mime-clowns that sing while performing mime-inspired choreography.
The band has during the years evolved into a full band with a setting of 5 people with song, piano, double bass and drums, and sometimes up to 7 people when strings are added. The setting varies depending on demand.

There is magic in the air when Beatrice Aurore and the Make-Believers enter the stage.
“Dressed in grins and paint and glue – to let them in is up to you…”

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