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aux animaux (SE)

Ghosty and Jons crossed paths in Stockholm at the end of 2015 and formed aux animaux. The duo released two singles in the summer of 2017, which were followed by live gigs in Germany and Sweden. Their music draws inspiration from the 80s, blending sampled electronic drums with analog synths along with Ghosty’s vocals.

Ghosty is a self-taught musician who has worked as a professional bass guitarist for several years. On stage she sings as well as alternating between theremin and bass guitar. Jons has a background as a classically trained musician and creates the underlying soundscape.

aux animaux’ debut EP Black Holes will be released on the 19th of January 2018. The EP consists of four tracks written over a two year period when the band lived in Germany, France and Sweden. Black Holes is a DIY-project in which the band has taken every step by themselves – from the first vocal recording to the last mastering. The music revolves around dark synth lines and haunting vocals that emphasize the often dystopic themes of the songs.

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