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Anja Erika (SE)

You made me want to be a better person” – enthuastic member of the audience after one of Anja Erika’s sets.

Anja Erika is a singer, songwriter, actress, lecturer and online activist. She has been active in music and activism since 2005, releasing two albums and performing countless sets in Sweden and Germany. Her goal is to make the world better with every action, and to make others understand that they can, too. She is resolutely convinced that every individual can make a difference, if they believe in their ability and start small. Personally, Anja Erika started an anti-racist campaign using one of her songs – JAG VET VEM DU ÄR – and is spending most of the 2018 election year getting the word out that everyone can make a difference, that everyone can reach out to their fellow human being, and that everyone can support society’s most weak and vulnerable.

On stage, Anja Erika blends the serious with the comedic, shares plenty of her own life story. She is often successful in getting the audience to both cry and laugh.

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