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Ampersand (US)

Ampersand is a four-piece rock band from San Francisco, CA. They were formed in the office, as all members work at Smule, a music tech company in SF. By day, they build products that enable users to sing, create and learn music, and by night they make music of their own. Smule has instruments set up in the office in this spirit of musical collaboration, and when one Friday afternoon jam session went late into the evening, the seeds were planted for a lasting project.

Andrea, the lead singer, songwriter and keyboardist, has been writing songs since childhood and would normally perform them for solo piano and vocals, so these songs took on new life once the other members joined. The band’s influences include Regina Spektor, Big Thief, and Radiohead.

Ampersand has performed at various music halls, bookstores and backyards throughout San Francisco, and this is their first time playing together outside of California. They’re very excited to be at Live at Heart and can’t wait to make new friends in the process.

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