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Ale Möller (SE)

Ale Möller has been active in folk and world music since the late 1970s, both in Sweden and internationally. He is a multi instrumentalist and composer who for many years contributed to the development of the genre in Sweden. Ale is a part of several groups such as Frifot and Ale Möller band but also plays with among others Eric Bibb, Aly Bain and Bruce Molsky. As a teacher, Ale Möller has attracted new instrument groups to play folk and world music and he is a highly acclaimed music pedagogue, teaching in many countries. He has been involved in lots of genre-crossing projects with everything from symphonic orchestras to jazz big bands and theater work. 2014 Ale received the Sir George Martin Award and in 2018 he was given the Lifetime Achievement Award of FOLK ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL. 3 of August 2018 his commission work for the National Swedish Radio XENOMANIA had premiere at Swedish world music festival Urkult

Speak At

How to stay curious throughout a long career – Friday 7 of September 15:00 (3 Pm) at Scandic Grace.