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Adam Elk (US)

10 years of touring North America in the 90′s, 18 years of writing commercial music in NYC, meanwhile, recording and producing records for his band The Mommyheads and many others.

Adam understands the music industry as a seasoned veteran, but with the same enthusiasm and purpose, he had the moment he picked up his first guitar. While teaching a “music for picture” clinic in Scandinavia in 2011, Adam had his “ah ha” moment: start a new music venture!

Strip away the glossy sheen, take from all the lessons, mistakes, desires, and accomplishments from years of creating music professionally, and boil it down to its essence.

Adam is today overseeing one of the most popular studios and provides of music for commercial purposes Storefront Music in NYC.

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How to write music for commercials – Saturday 8 September 12:00 (Noon) at Scandic Gloria