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Annika Holmberg (SE)

Annika Holmberg, Vocal Coach, Voice Teacher & Mentor, Authorized Teacher of Complete Vocal Technique (CVT), Certified NLP Master, Singer, Producer and Songwriter, Sweden. Annika has been the pioneer of CVT in Sweden and has practiced the method for more than one and a half decade. She has taught thousands of vocalists within all styles, coached musical theatre productions, best-selling artists, TV hosts, actors, and voice teachers. She has also been teaching at the Royal Collage of Music for several years, and is a jury member  and vocal coach for Wacken Metal Battle Sweden. Passionate about the human voice and psyche, she’s constantly working to broaden her knowledge and refine her work, by continuous studies and engaging in voice research. She applies strategies from several fields in her teaching; acoustics, physics, psychology and more, as well as her experience as a touring and recording musician, songwriter and artist.

Speak at:

Total Vocal Technique workshop – Friday 7 of September 14:00 (2 Pm) at Strand.