Live at Heart 4 - 7 September 2019, Örebro Sweden  |   About  Press  Info på svenska  |

Friday 7 of September 15:00 (3 pm). at Scandic Ingrid

Suddenly the world has become smaller. You reach more people with simple tools. At the same time, the channel has become more and harder to be seen in. Still, more and more people are breaking bands abroad and have not their audience or network in their home country. In this panel, we invite people that have done different journeys but in several countries around the world.


Evan Murray (LAH New Foundland, Artist),

Umong Shah (Manager, working with Elle Exxe),

Ulrika Holmberg (Artist Developer Musichelp).

Henca Maduro (Artist Developer, New Skool Rules)

Tommy Rehn (Rehn Music)

Moderator. Peter Åstedt