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Amy Loutfi, Örebro University

Amy Loutfi is a scientist at Örebro University. She's a professor at the Department of Science and Technology, and her field of interest is robotics and intelligent systems. Her work revolves around developing robots and smart sensor systems for our future households and industries.

Loutfi is currently involved in the project 

 Loutfi Amy 02.jpg

Ashland Viscosi, Creative Meets Business

Ashland Viscosi is the founder of Creatives Meet Business, an event and podcast series based out of Austin, Texas for creatives of all disciplines to no longer think of themselves just as artists and creatives but also as small business owners and entrepreneurs. Other than this she also founded CreativeTribes, which is a curated network that provides creatives with accountability groups to help focus on business goals and personal development. Her background includes work within film and production and she has produced several short films to date.




Attila the Stockbroker

Attila the Stockbroker is a punk poet, and a folk punk musician and songwriter.


Bijoy Goswami

Bijoy Goswami is deeply interested in how we create extraordinary, meaningful and joyful lives. He sees our unique human capability of building mental models as a vital part of this endeavor. He loves building and sharing simple, yet powerful models, including MRE, youPlusU and Bootstrap.

His life has been an inadvertent study of contrasting spiritual, cultural and intellectual models. He was born in Bangalore, India on April 15, 1973, to a Catholic mother and a Hindu father. He moved to Taiwan at the age of ten and Hong Kong at fourteen. He came to the US in 1991, attending Stanford, where he studied Computer Science, Economics, History and completed an Honors program in Science, Technology and Society. He spent a term at Oxford. In 1995 he moved to Austin, TX, to join a software startup and cofounded Aviri Software in April 2000. In 2003, he began in earnest, his work as a model-builder, bootstrapper and evangelist.

Bijoy expresses and communicates his models through books, music, film, community, and websites. The process also deepens his understanding of the models and how to effectively convey them. Collaboration is at the heart of this process and he has been very lucky in finding extraordinary partners. Their expertise combines with the model, and through multiple iterations, a unique creation results. Some of these include Bootstrap Austin, The Human Fabric and Mystic Cab.


Birgitta Haller

She says that she has lived long enough to experience a lot of different music and styles, but not long enough to lose her curiosity for new tunes. Taking off on CBS Records in 1987, moving on to the internetz in 1995 through commercial radio, and onwards to V2 Records in 2002. 4 years later, 2006, she is finally doing her own thing by working with PR and promotion.

Bigritta Haller.jpg

Björn "Lycklig" Wallgren

Björn Wallgren is a music entrepreneur from Örebro. He has worked as a booking agent and was one of the founders of RMP Musik AB.


Christian Cedras

Co-Founder of the indie Big House companies (NYC), Christian leads a creative hub - a music pub co, a bridge record label, & music tech co. 


christian cedras.jpg


Christoffer Wadensten

After saying no to some record deals it finally just clicked with the label What We Call Records and in october 2016 his debut album, The only boy awake, was released and followed by a european tour. The last 3 years this local artist have done a couple of hundred gigs in the US, UK, scandinavia and europe using his alias artist name Meadows. The only boy awake now have over 3 million streams and in april 2017 the title track was used in a Netflix series, called 13 reasons why, which then ended up on charts all over the world.




Dan Sundquist

With more than 70 pop/rock/mainstream albums and many more singles and EP’s, compilations and digital sales, Dan Sundquist is one of Sweden’s most established writer and producer. His production work has earned him a total of 7 swedish grammy awards, among them producer of the year. Like that wasn’t enough, more than 15 number one hits and countless top 10’s is certifying at least 18 gold- and 11 platinum awards.


Danni O'Neill

Danni O’Neill can’t remember a time when music wasn’t a part of her life. Her love for music and her singing talent led her to be accepted to the prestigious Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts.  In 2002, she moved to Nashville, TN where she immediately landed a position at The Crownover Firm, an entertainment law firm.  During her years at Crownover, she received several promotions & eventually landed the role as Artist Relations Manager where she worked with hit songwriters such as Craig Wiseman, Luke Laird & Sam Hunt. In 2015, O’Neill was hired as A&R Director at Big Yellow Dog Publishing who’s roster includes Meghan Trainer & Maren Morris.

She is currently A&R Director at indie record label, Digsin, where she is an integral part of cultivating and overseeing all aspects of the artist development and creative process. Digsin’s artist roster includes rock band, Bronze Radio Return, Swedish pop trio, The Magnettes and Swedish pop rock act, Like Swimming.

Danni O'Neill---Marketing & Client Relations Manager (1).jpg


Drew Young

To get a point of view from all sides of the music industry, this man is a must-go. Some of his past career highlights have included general manager of Clinton Recording Studios in New York City, marketing/A&R for Putumayo World Music, music consultant for episodic television series The Big Easy and soundtrack and digital marketing for Lionsgate Television. Drew also has a masters degree in Economic Development with an emphasis on the Creative Economy.

IDrew Young.JPG


Edgar D. Gankendorff

Edgar D. Gankendorff is an entertainment lawyer practicing in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Mr. Gankendorff is the co-managing partner in the law firm with Provosty & Gankendorff, LLC.  Mr. Gankendorff received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology from Tulane University in 1987. Mr. Gankendorff also received a Juris Doctorate degree from Tulane University School of Law in 1990.

Mr. Gankendorff currently represents Lil Wayne, Lake Street Dive, Dr. John, Galactic, Booker T, Trombone Shorty, Estate of Mahalia Jackson, Imagination Movers, Mavis Staples, Lil Boosie, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Anders Osborne, Henry Butler, Cupid, Jon Cleary, Nathan Williams, Keith Frank, Steve Riley, Walter “Wolfman” Washington, Lil’ Band O’ Gold, Amanda Shaw and many others.  Mr. Gankendorff’s practice focuses on negotiating recording contracts, publishing agreements, film licenses and management agreements.  Mr. Gankendorff is also involved in matters in litigation involving entertainment issues and copyright infringement matters.


Erik Gandini 

Erik Gandini is a Swedish-Italian director and producer with a number of award-winning documentary films. For example, Surplus - terrorized into being consumers (2003), GITMO - New rules of war (2005), Videocracy (2009) and The Swedish theory of love (2015).

Cosmopolitanism was premiered in 2016.

Erik Gandini.jpg


Fredrik Welander

Entrepreneur specialised in cultural studies, relations, politics and communication. Senior Consultant at Four PR.



Gwen Hughes

Gwen Hughes is an american jazz singer. She has released six albums on Fairfield Records, starting with “Torch Life” in the 1990s up until her newest album, “Dancing in the Moonlight,” recorded with her European band, Mono, featuring the greatest hits of their ten years of touring Eastern Europe. In 2016, Gwen signed with Zoho Music and her latest album, “Native Land,” was released to great critical acclaim from publications like JAZZWEEKLY (“this lady is convincing in every mood”) and JAZZTIMES (“Gwen does it again!”) and the classic rock blog, BLITZ MAGAZINE (“a remarkable collection”).  



Jeff Bacon

A hiphop nerd, secret soul brother and Beach Boys obsessive. Started as an artist by night and corporate salesperson by day, Jeff Bacon is about live music, data and creating unique experiences for music lovers. When he eventually combined his passion with skillset, he went on to lead the line for organisations at the axis of music and tech. Jeff is now at data driven music business innovators Utopia Music Group, where he assists with the running of the label and is developing U House - a chain of creative hubs on their behalf.

Jeff bacon.jpg

Jennie Abrahamson

Jennie Abrahamson is an artist, songwriter and musician. She has released five albums besides other collaborations with different artists. Among these collaborations she has done five tours as a member of Peter Gabriel’s band.

Jennie Abrahamson - 1.jpg (1)Jennie Abrahamson - 1.jpg (1)


Jenny Nordlander, Nöjesguiden

Jenny Nordlander is a journalist and the editor-in-chief for the Swedish entertainment magazine Nöjesguiden. She has previously worked at Dagens Nyheter and Aftonbladet.


Jonathan Johansson

The successful pop music of Jonathan Johansson blends contemporary electronica with thorough song crafting from the singer-songwriter tradition.


Lars Andersson

Lars is CEO of Hill Agency Advertising Agency, which has been nominated for the year's office in Sweden for four consecutive years. Hill is, among other things, behind the campaign Gotland - Earth around on an island.

Lars Andersson.JPG


Magnus Sundell

Magnus Sundell har for many years worked as journalist and editor, with a special focus on
music and other arts. Now he works as event producer at Studieförbundet Bilda.

M Sundell  - 1.jpg

Max Hellström

Max Hellstrom is a musician with experience from the cultural sector. Through his very active online activism, he has developed an intersectional analysis on equality and discrimination. 


Mia Lorentzson

Live tours all over the world, TV, musicals, recording, mixing and mastering. These areas, regarding the music industry, combined with entrepreneurial projects, events, social media marketing and speaking gigs is what Mia Lorentzson is passionate about. Easy said she’s a sound engineer who added entrepreneurship, management and marketing to the toolbelt and she’s always looking for new business ideas and collaborations. If you speak aussie slang or have cruised down the 75 mile beach in a 4x4 she will even buy you a beer.

mia l.jpg

Mikael Flodell

Mikael is a film producer and has produced a lot of commercials for IKEA and Volvo. He has also produced two feature films. Right now, he produces and directs a number of films to Our Vodka under the name: The Vodka Family


Mikael Sandberg. CEO. Strum Live

Mikael has a background as an entrepreneur and various management positions within in both managment consulting and travel industry. Have over the last 15 years acted as CEO , chairman and co-owner of several companies. Has also served as advisor and consultant to a variety of companies.


Niclas Molinder 

Year 2014 the worlds first independent song data hub was founded by Niclas Molinder together with Max Martin and Björn Ulvaeus. A more transparent and digitized meta-data flow with greater involvement of creators to get everyone paid and credited correctly is their vision. Music rights awareness started two years later as a linked initiative to increase the worlds knowledge about music rights.


Paul Sampson, Founder/CEO, Hookd

Paul Sampson is Founder & CEO of ‘hookd’, a B2C pre-cleared, commercial music licensing solution solely for social and online video. Paul has over a dozen years of experience in driving revenues in pre-cleared music licensing in the both US and the UK. Paul spent 4 years as Head of Europe for Music Dealers where he worked to drive new revenue streams in sync and brand partnerships (Coca Cola, Viacom). Prior to that, Paul spent 5 years in the US at Extreme Music, as Head of US Sales and Marketing.

Paul Portrait.jpg

Peter Åstedt

Peter has been working in the music industry for over 25 years. He started his own record label, Dead Frog Records, at the age of fifteen in 1990. The label is still running and is one of the oldest in Sweden. Peter was an early protagonist of the digital revolution in the music industry. He uploaded his first mp3 in 1995 and worked on one of the first legal sites to sell mp3s, called Vitaminic.

He also started Distrosong, a digital distribution services like Music Base and the physical distribution company DFR. In 2008, he started the company Musichelp Sweden AB which is a service company for people/artists in the music industry. Over the years, over 8000 artists have gone through his systems

Today Peter is a board member of SOM (Swedish independent music producers, the equality of AIM (UK) and A2IM (USA)) and a board member of Mbin (Music business independent network).


Robert Singerman

Known for developing talent and new music business technologies, as an entrepreneur, agent, manager, label executive, consultant, producer and music supervisor, Singerman represented R.E.M., Gipsy Kings, James Brown, Suzanne Vega, Violent Femmes, 10,000 Maniacs, Smithereens, Fela Kuti, Bad Brains, pre-Beastie Boys, and King Sunny Ade, among many other artists and companies such as Roadrunner in their US launch.

Robert directed the EU funded European Music Office, US, French Music Export Office, North America and represented the Brasil Music Exchange in North America, funded by the trade organization APEX, through Brasil Musica & Artes.

His main mission is giving music subtitling solutions, so that music becomes truly global, through the universal exhibition and understanding of the lyrics. He is the VP International Publishing of LyricFind and helps license and then market the rights to monetize legal lyrics and lyric translations from the publishers and songwriters around the globe, onto all digital and mobile platforms and devices.

He’s given keynote speeches, moderated panels and spoken at conferences and Universities worldwide, including Canadian Music Week, YouBloom, Trigger, Live at Heart, NYU, SIM SP, Brazil Ministry of Culture, Rio Info, Rio Music Buzz, Westway Lab, BIME, MaMa, SXSW, Midem, Womex, CMJ, Mondo, fluvial, NMS, SyncSummit, Digital Hollywood, Reeperbahn, Caribbean Music Summit, Medimex, FIMPRO, Circulart, Waves, WAMI, SF Music Tech, Popkomm, Jamaica’s Tourism Summit and Reggae Month, and the World Cultural Economic Forum. He’s created CAB, a “music trade mission tour” of four South American music conferences in Dec., 2016, which will be held twice in 2017.

Robert’s a partner in LyricFind, Mondo, Heaven11, YouBloom and SyncSummit, among other music and tech companies. While LyricFind and legal lyric translations are his main focus, he consults other companies such as Imusic-school, Music.US, CMW, IQzic and is on the Board of Directors/Advisors of Songtradr, Marcato Digital, SIM SP and Make Music New York.


Russel McKamey, Rockit Gaming

Russel McKamey is half the duo of Rocket Gaming (the other part is Vinny Noose), Based in Austin, TX this duo are the masterminds of audio production behind Rockit Gaming. They compose, mix, and master each song with a finesse so fine tuned that it is unmatched in the industry. Fully producing a minimum of two songs a week, there surely is none other like them in the music industry.

russel mckamery2.jpg

Sara Herrlin

Sara Herrlin is a music industry veteran with a large global network, having been based in Asia, the Middle East and the UK during her 25 years in the music industry, including seven years as Head of International at EMI Virgin. After returning to Sweden in 2013, she has made it her mission to build bridges between the traditional music industry and the start-up world.


Sean McPherson

Sean McPherson is a sought-after record producer, artist manager, concert promoter and talent buyer based in Atlanta, GA. He got his start in the music business back in 1998 when he landed an internship at Chicago Trax Recording Studios, owned by Reid Hyams and Al Jorgensen (of the band Ministry). After graduating from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, he was an assistant engineer in New York City at Battery Studios (Zomba) and Chung King Studios, where he worked with artists such as David Bowie, Faith Hill and Sixpence None the Richer. In 2001, he took a job at Parkview Recording with legendary house producer Lenny Fontana, where he mixed records for Crystal Waters, Byron Stingley and C&C Music Factory, among others.

Following his stint at Parkview, Sean joined Fairfield, Ct., band Zerochance, which eventually brought him to Atlanta. Zerochance signed to Red Carpet Music in 2005 and shared the stage with Sheryl Crow, The Calling, Uncle Cracker, Stroke 9, Cheyenne Kimball, Ashley Simpson and many more.

In the past 10 years, Sean has founded, built, owned and operated East Atlanta Recording. He also manages 2 groups with his company Favorite Son Artist Management and Consulting: The Head, and The Judies. Sean’s productions have been released by Universal, Brash and Plowboy Records, and Slushfund Recordings. He recently co-produced several songs with Jody Stephens from Big Star and Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Pavement, Ben Folds).

His full time position for the last 2 years is that of the Primary Talent Buyer at the legendary Smiths Olde Bar is Atlanta, GA., where he books 12-15 shows a week (in 2 rooms) including artists such as Tab Beniot, Butch Walker, Drivin ‘N’ Cryin, Matt Nathanson, B.o.B, Collective Soul, Band of Horses, and Shovels and Rope. Before that Sean was the Assistant talent buyer for 10 years under the Legendary Dan Nolen at Nolen/Reeves music.

Sean mcpherson.JPG (3)

Sofia Karlsson

With roots in traditional folk music, Sofia Karlsson is today a versatile artist that defies genres and reaches a big audience. 



Tommy Rehn, CEO/Founder, Rehn Music Group

Tommy Rehn started his first record label at the age of 22 when he got tired of
waiting for labels responding to his band Moahni Moahna´s efforts trying to get signed.
Shortly after he got the bands video aired on Headbangers Ball MTV and 
secured a 2 album deal with JVC/Victor in Japan.
After a career in the hard rock scene playing/touring in several bands (Angtoria,Corroded etc.)
he focused solely on the business side of music which always was equally interesting for him.
Tommy started Cube1 Records 2005 working with technical death metal band Soreption and Country pop band Pledge:
He is also his son´s manager - YOHIO (Swedish mega star and Japanese style Visual Rock phenomena)
YOHIO now lives in Tokyo and had a major contract with Universal Japan as prio act already at the age of 16
2009 Tommy started working at Independent label/management/booking company Ninetone Group as Vice President building the company up from 2 employees, and a few hard rock acts , up to 11 people working a broad variety of genres:
2016 he founded REHN MUSIC GROUP which is a Swedish Independent Music Company (Label & Management) focusing on 
developing new talented artists and bands for the Swedish and International market.
In the new and digital times the future is very exciting for internationally aiming, independent, hungry music companies
and REHN MUSIC GROUP aims to find and develop music/artist talent in a broad spectra of genres.
Tommy Rehn is also a board member of the Swedish organisation MBIN - Music Business Independent Network


Ulrika Holmberg

Ulrika Holmberg started her career in her early teens working with merchandise on different gigs. In the end, she took care of big concerts with the biggest names in the music world like Metallica, AC/DC, Lady Gaga and so on.

2006 she was part of the team starting up Musichelp and moved over to the board in 2010. 2014 she becomes the CEO of Musichelp. During the years on Musichelp, she has created the divisions of Musichelp Publishing and the management company Add-More.

Ulrika is also a board member at the showcase festival Live at Heart and been on the jury for the talent show Imagine.



Åsa Schwarz

Åsa Schwarz is an IT security expert and a columnist for Computer Sweden, as well as an author of thriller novels.


Åke Lundström

Swedish producer and the CEO of Live at Heart. One of the founders and the CEO of the Swedish production company Eyra Media.