First artists of the 10 year anniversary of Live at Heart revealed

Jan 22, 2019

Live at Heart takes place 4-7 September in Örebro this year and celebrates its 10th anniversary. The festival starts off the year by releasing an early lineup of artists.

    • We will be presenting a slightly different festival program in honor of the anniversary. In addition to various international acts, we will be inviting back festival favorites from previous years. It will kind of be the “Greatest Hits” of Live at Heart, says Magnus Tunmats, festival coordinator at Live at Heart.

In the first part of this year’s lineup, you can already find some Live at Heart veterans who will return to Örebro to celebrate the anniversary together with the festival and its guests.

Billy Momo (Sweden) have held very appreciated concerts each year they have performed at Live at Heart and are now back with their groovy mix of blues, country and folk.

Wolf & Moon (Germany) is the audience favorite Stefanie June’s latest project that goes under the genre of dream-folk pop.

Bara Jonson and Free (Sweden) started playing on the festival’s smaller scenes three years ago and have since moved on to become one of the bigger acts last year. Through Live at Heart they have established contacts that led to them touring in Germany and performing at Live at Heart Newfoundland in Canada.

Eleonor Léone (Sweden) was chosen to perform at Live at Heart Newfoundland where she was discovered and got several performances in Asia, including in India. She has also been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine.

LYS (France) was discovered by Steve Hewitt, songwriter and drummer in the band Placebo, who also produces their records. LYS is a band to keep your eyes on for all Placebo fans.

Simon Alexander (Sweden) and Agata Karczewska (Poland) are two singer-songwriters that were widely talked about during last year’s festival.

Erika Jonsson (Sweden) got her breakthrough in 2014 with her song “Sången om Värmland” that stepped directly into the Swedish, and the Norwegian, folk soul and has since sold gold. Her Swedish country is now coming to Örebro.

One Horse Band (Italy) is a band and a horse. Bluesy garage rock you don’t want to miss.

Diamond Thug (South Africa) travels a long way to give Örebro a taste of their experimental pop.

Hannah Scott (UK) is an acoustic pop act from Great Britain.

Zanzinger (Hungary) is a singer-songwriter from Hungary with a fondness for American folk music.


Complete list of revealed artists:

Agata Karczewska

Billy Momo

Bara Jonson and Free

Diamond Thug

Eleonor Léone

Erika Jonsson

Hannah Scott



One Horse Band

Simon Alexander

Wolf & Moon