Bästa film/Best film: Joy av Abini Gold

Juryns motivering:

We were surprised to see that this was the first film from the filmmaker. She pulled amazing performances from her cast and we’re very excited to see whatever she creates next. She exhibits an extensive knowledge of film, you can see several homages in her work. The cinematography is stunning, especially the opening scene. 

Thank you so much!! Winnig this Award with Joy is very special to me, because it was my first fictional movie. There was no money, but a extreamly talented DOP, a great crew and stunning actors, who told this special story with me. Thanks to the jury, the audience and the Festival-Team - Abini Gold (Director Joy)

Honor Award: The Chop av Lewis Rose

Juryns motivering:

The Chop accomplished many things during its runtime. We felt it important to recognize the quality of the story by giving it a special mention for Best Screenplay. The way it incorporates comedy to make a statement about a much more complex social issue is brilliant. The writing is original, comedic, and has the unique ability to leave you with a smile on your face.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone at Live at Heart Film for these amazing awards; thank you to the festival for screening The Chop, thank you to the judges for selecting it for an award, and thank you to the audience for voting for it! We wish we could have been there to enjoy the festival and celebrate with you. We'd like to dedicate these awards to all the incredible people who made this film possible - our hilarious cast, our hardworking crew and our generous funders. Thank you once again! - Lewis Rose (Director The Chop)