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Discover Live at Heart Film

The Live at Heart Film section presents a wide selection of independent feature films and short films from all over the world. A must for every film lover attending Live at Heart.

A week of breathtaking film

Live at Heart Films offers the opportunity to experience sensational independent films from all over the world. The film program starts on September 2 and ends with the Short film competition on September 8.

Discover Bio Roxy

All films on the Live at Heart Film program is screened at Bio Roxy – a beautiful movie theater that’s more than 100 years old and situated in the heart of Örebro.

Short film competition

Discover the filmmakers of tomorrow. The Live at Heart Short Film Competition is open for Swedish and international short films. All nominated films will screen at Bio Roxy on the 8th of September. As audience you will get the chance to meet filmmakers and vote for your personal favourite  – in addition to the prize for Best Short, one film will receive the audience award.

And hey! The screenings are open for everyone – no ticket needed!

Seminar: Work in Progress

Want a chance on a glance into the filmmaking process?

During Work in Progress, filmmakers will present their ongoing or planned projects. It might be short films, feature films, TV-projects or webb projects. The aim of the seminar is to connect the participants with potential collaborators, sponsors or mentors –  and help launch their filmprojects.


Submissions and questions:
Live at Heart Film is a collaboration with​ Örebro Filmförening and the project Filmbron​ ​supported by Allmänna Arvsfonden.

Films 2018

The first Live at Heart films will be announced shortly!