Here are questions we get a lot of trouble we are ongoing to solve. You might find your answer here before you contact us.



Question: How do I find Live at Heart on Gigmits homepage?

Answer: Take find gigs, then modify search hand then search on the word Heart in ”Search tearm” or on the city then Örebro (important that you search with the dots over the O).


Question: It looks like it cost to apply through Gigmit.com.

Answer: What you have to do is to apply for a PRO account. Then cancel the account direct after then you have a free account and can apply for Live at Heart without any costs.


Question: Why does Gigmit ask for your payment details

Answer:  Verifying some information about artists and promoters on Gigmit helps to make our community a safer place for everyone. This is a best practice in online services and you might know it from services like AirBnB, Netflix or Spotify. and it stops spamming our system with artists that might not be genuine.


Question: Is there any other way to apply.

Answer: No since we are in the EU program INES it has to go through Gigmit. Yes, it’s a bigger process, but it has much more benefits for the artists that play on Live at Heart.


Question: Do I need to fill out the VAT number or the VAT %.

Answer: No, you can skip those fields if you want to.


Here is a tutorial how to apply to Live at Heart through Gigmit.


Question: I didn’t get a receipt or a ticket when I paid.

Answer: All our tickets go through Resia. Contact them at congress.orebro@resia.se to get more help.