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Discover Örebro

Welcome to the heart of Sweden – Örebro. Home to more than 100 000 people, a mushroom-shaped water tower and, of course – Live at Heart.

New to Örebro? Here’s some tips!

How to get here


Örebro Airport. There are direct flights daily between Malmö and Örebro Airport (about 1 hour) which is convenient if you are travelling via Copenhagen. Read more at

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is Sweden’s largest airport and a major hub for the Stockholm region and Scandinavia. There are flights to 164 destinations worldwide and there is also very good transportation alternative to and from the airport.

Stockholm Skavsta Airport is Sweden’s fourth largest airport. The airport is located 130km from Örebro and 100 km south of Stockholm, close to the E4.

Stockholm Västerås Airport is a small airport with 5 destinations. The airport is located 100 km from Örebro and 110 km to Stockholm, close to E18.

Train connections

SJ have frequent departures in most of Sweden including Stockholm (about 2h away from Örebro) Gothenburg (about 3 hours away), Malmö (about 5 hours away) and Oslo, Norway (about 5 hours away).

Tågkompaniet is a local train company and will take you north and south trough Dalarna, Örebro, Västmanland and Gävleborg.

By car

You can get to Örebro by car via any of the major European highways E20 and E18. You can also take Riksväg 50 that goes between Jönköping and Söderhamn.

Transportation within Örebro

City and regional busses:

Taxi companies:

Borrow a bike:

Where to stay
Clarion Hotel Örebro is a Live at Heart venue. We offer an international environment, characterized by art, music and contemporary design – a dynamic meeting place imbued with creativity and inspiration. Welcome for conferences, a weekend trip or just to relax.

Telephone:+46 19 670 67 00? // Address: Kungsgatan 14, 70211 Örebro

Scandic Grand is a Live at Heart venue. It is located within 10 minutes walking distance from Örebro castle, Behrn Arena, the Old Town Wadköping and Conventum Congress Centre. Welcome to work-out in the hotel’s well-equipped fitness center and relax in our Jacuzzi. Hold your next meeting or conference at the Scandic Grand Hotel. Hotel guests and conference participants always have free WIFI.

Telephone:+46 19 767 43 00 // Address: Fabriksgatan 21-23, 702 23 Örebro

Elite Stora Hotellet is beautifully located in the center in Örebro by the river Svartån and the Örebro Castle. The hotel was constructed in 1858 and is one of Sweden’s most prestigious hotels with an accommodation capacity of 133 rooms. The hotel offers unique banquet and conference facilities for up to 300 people in the hotel rooms and at the Örebro Castle. Good parking facilities near the hotel simplify your visit at Elite Stora hotellet.

Telephone:+46 19 15 69 00 // Address: Drottninggatan 1?, 701 45 Örebro

Livin Hotell Hotel, hostel, apartments, café, bistro

LIVIN CITY Address: Järnvägsgatan 22, 703 62 Örebro

Telephone +46 (0)70-558 10 70 or +46 (0)19-31 02 40

LIVIN STATION Address: Östra Bangatan 3, 703 61 Örebro

Telephone +46 (0)70-558 10 70 or +46 (0)19-31 02 40

Behrn Hotell is a Live at Heart venue. It is a family owned four-star hotel located right in the main town square. The hotel offers parking facilities right in the town square, just outside the hotel or free parking in the Behrn Center parking garage, which is within walking distance of the hotel.

Telephone:+46 19 12 00 95 // Address: Stortorget 12, 702 11 Örebro

Best Western The hotel is one one of the largest in central Örebro, with 115 rooms. Here you are close to everything and we have a high sense of service. Parking spaces are located just outside the hotel. The hotel has recently undergone a major renovation.

Telephone:+46 19 601 42 00 // Address: Kungsgatan 24, 702 24 Örebro

First Hotel Örebro is a hotel located in central Örebro. The hotel is placed just a short walk from the train station, as well as the town’s castle. In Örebro you can enjoy one of Europe’s leading water parks and the town’s open-air heritage centre. First Hotel Örebro is ideal for anyone who likes a light and airy environment that has a feeling of home.

Telephone: +46 19 61 17 300 // Address: Storgatan 24, 703 61 Örebro

For more information or assistance in booking your entire stay in Örebro including accommodation, travel etc. Örebrokompaniet is happy to help you out.

+ 46 19 21 21 21

For more information or assistance in booking your entire stay in Örebro
including accommodation, travel etc. Örebrokompaniet is happy to help you out.

Contact them here:
+46 (0)19 21 21 21