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Eric Musyoka

Eric Musyoka is a prolific music producer who has worked with a myriad of Kenyan and regional artist for the last 22 years. He started producing music in 1997 at the famous Sync Studio under the tutelage of Muhammud Omar, Ambrose Mandugu and Tedd Josiah. He was part of a rap group called Nannoma, that comprised of four high school friends, Mike, Tony and Steve. He decided to pursue a career as a music producer after the group disbanded, working with Ukoo Flani Mau Mau. His first artist to record and produce was Juliani, Zakah and Kah. He did hits for Ukoo Flani and Mau Mau such as, Dandora LOVE, DC na Sisi, Angalia Saa, Punchline Kibao among others. He later went on to become the head producer at Homeboyz Entertainment working with artists such as Prezzo, TID, SEMA, Mr Lenny, Bamzigi, Nameless, AY, Wyre, Peter Miles, Nikki and Nonini. His biggest hits at the time included Keroro, Leta Wimbo, Nataka Kudunda, Watasema Sana, Make a Choice, Muwala, Nipe Nikupe, Hii Ngoma, Furahi Day among others. He collaborated with East Africa’s heavy weights like Proffesa Jay and Kleptomaniaks to produce Njoo; a runway hit track in both Kenya and Tanzania. After winning Kisima Producer Award for the year 2006, Eric went for further studies at the famed SAE Institute in New York. Upon completing of his studies he came back and set up shop establishing Decimal Media, which focuses on Music Production and Audio Post. He signed P-Unit whom he nurtured and turned into regional mega stars by producing for them hits such as Juu tuu Sana, Kare, Hapa Kule, You Guy, Mobimba and Weka Weka. P-Unit went on to win the coveted Channel O Award in 2013. Currently Decimal Records has signed Brian Nadra, Bon’Eye, Konkodi, Khuhani and Jack Rooster and has produced the DECIMATOR Vol 1 Album which spawned the hit Drinx na Mayenx and Jack Roosters debut album NYUMBA. In 2010, he collaborated with boy band, Just a Band, for the smash hit Ha-He which he wrote and produced for the band’s album titled, 82. The song went on to become the biggest song in East Africa, winning accolades and recognition from CNN, BBC and establishing and cementing the careers of Just A Band and Blinky Bill. He has also produced albums for Daddy Owen (Son of Man), Juliani (Mtaa Mentality), Monique (Color Black), P-UNIT (Wagenge Hao and Wagenge Hao Tena), Nonini (God Father) among others. He is also involved in mixing albums for other Kenyan artists the likes of Elani (Barua), Sauti Sol (Live and Die in Afrika), Octopizzo (LDPC, Next Year), Gilad (Asante), June Gachui ( Twenty Years). His work as a Film Sound composer can also be heard on Kenya’s and Africa’s hit film, Nairobi Half-Life and VeVe. He has also composed commercials and thematic music for some of Kenya’s biggest events and corporate companies. Apart from work, Eric loves overland trips in and spend time with his family. Eric speaks on Do it another way! New market Africa