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Grant Tilbury

Hi I am Grant and I do A&R and look after artists working in Trackd. What is Trackd? Trackd is the worlds first 8 Track ideas studio in your pocket. Songs start here. With the app you can Create Music & Collaborate as easily as sending a text. Trackd was created to remove the fuss from recording so the artists can focus on the most important thing - the song. We have built all the tools you need to discuss projects, write and record a great song with ease; swift multi-tracking nimble mixing, song notes, a metronome and more. There is no setup needed - just hit record, and play. It’s Social Trackd has reached a global audience with users writing either by themselves, or with others in as far away places as Sydney to Seattle City and Belize to Brighton. Trackd launched the iOS version first because most artists (and aspiring artists) are on iOS already. Android is coming this year. There are 200,000 active users to date. A Little Bit of Rock n Roll History Behind Trackd 1968, the brothers Norman and Barry Sheffield opened the worlds first 8 Track Studio in London - Trident Studios. Trident was the pinnacle of great technology and artists like The Beatles, David Bowie and Queen created amazing work there. Norman Sheffield discovered and signed Queen and Russell Sheffield Trackd's CEO is Norman’s Son. Download Here Download the app for free on the Apple App Store here Grant will speak about Trackd on this panel Presentation of New Companies