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Jimmy Olsson

Jimmy Olsson is a part of the Work in progress seminar. Jimmy was born in the south of Sweden in 1980 and moved to Stockholm 2004 where he is based today. He started to work with film in 2002 and have worked in almost every position there is behind the camera. He went to film school for two years in 2004 in Stockholm. Jimmy usually writes comedy or pretty dark drama, with a little bit of comedy in it. He is a chameleon and is comfortable with either or and he is strong making both genres. He is inspired by well written dialogue and strong realistic performances from actors. Jimmy likes to study and listen to people around him, capture the reality and give it a funny twist. He gets really inspired by filmmakers like Ingmar Bergman, Andrei Tarkovskij, Roy Andersson, Michael Haneke, Fassbinder, Dardenne brothers and many many more. He really likes to work close with people, getting to know them and he really likes to write dialogue. He prefers stories that focus on the human being, her inner self and her relations. Jimmy loves it when you can combine comedy and drama to get a more three dimensional story and characters. Jimmy has currently a new short film on the festival circuit that is doing really well. It has played well over 100 festivals world wide and has receieved around 30 awards. He is currently working on his first feature that is based on his successful short film 2nd Class. When he is not doing short films or writing scripts he directs commercials. Filmography ”2nd Class”, short film, drama, 15 min 2018 ”Palmegruppen tar långlunch” short film, comedy 28 min 2018 ”Void”, short film, drama 4 min 2017 ”Ceasar”, short film, drama 29 min 2014 ”Bättre Ränta” short film, comedy 10 min 2012 ”Förträngd” short film, drama, 14 min 2011 ”Kontrollanten”, short film, comedy 23 min 2008 ”Linjer” short film, drama, 29 min 2007 ”Leva, leva, leva” short film, drama 17 min 2005