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Otheas (SE)

schedule 2019-09-07 00:00:00
location_city Watt
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The Swedish reggae-pop band Otheas are back in in action with new material, new energy and a new addition on the stage. With a growing fanbase and big visions they’re now ready to enter the bigger stages. 
 It all started at 2011 with two friends in a basement on the Swedish countryside. Oskar Käll and Theo Hofbauer started creating music together and put it out on Spotify to see their potential. The response became overwhelming and ended up in requests from festivals and night clubs asking for live shows. The two founders of the band decided there and then to create a band. Today has the band got 5 solid members. Oskar Käll, Theo Hofbauer, Richard Hames, Mikael Buller and Ludwig Pettersson. Together they’ve won the national radio contest (P3 osignat) for unsigned musicians three times in a row, toured around Scandinavia and Germany and on the road gathered a big and dedicated audience. Their song ”Alla dom himlar” has been streamed over 5.000.000 times on Spotify and the average amount of listeners per month is 45.000. Their music could be described as an evolved version of reggae and ska, which results in the rare genre called Reggae-pop. Because of the energy-filled music, the high tempo and the poppy melodies, it is very rare to leave any of their concerts untouched. It is particularly the Otheas live concerts that makes them unique. Every band-member on the stage are very close friends in private and has an unique energy that infect the audience at every show. The sweat is pouring, the throats are sore from screaming and the relation between artist and audience couldn’t be more touchable. Since the summer of 2018 a new component has been added on stage. The saxophone/trumpet-trio called Tjänstemännen is now a part of the squad on stage and increases a more alive sound and stronger energy.  Otheas has during the years been touring around and opening shows for artists like Kapten Röd, Timbuktu, Norlie KKV, Magnus Uggla, and more. With the high streaming numbers in mind, there isn’t a coincidence that the band has been sharing the stage with some of the biggest artists in the country. The fans are spread out all over Sweden, but also outside the country border. The songs on Spotify has been streamed most frequently in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. But the Spotify streaming map also shows that the songs are popular even in the smaller cities. The band will be releasing a new album this summer. The material has the same bombastic sound, high-tempo energy and sensitive lyrics as always, but with an up-geared quality. Every band member is very determined and has a crystal clear goal: To convey the energy and love that comes with their songs through memorable live shows. Presented by Beardmen