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Enok Amrani (NO)

Enok Amrani is an indie singer & songwriter from Porsgrunn, Norway. His music is driven by lyrics and melodies, and moves mostly in a melancholic landscape, with elements from different styles like rock, soul and country. Since Amrani decided to bet on his own music in 2015, he has managed to release 5 singles and has received some great feedback on releases and live performances. Especially the singles "Takin 'Back My Freedom" and “Reasons” was noted by several reviewers and radio stations outside Norway's borders. - “Enok Amrani produces indie acoustic folk work that heavily reflects the Nordic environment in which he lives. The Norwegian singer/songwriter brings a high degree of precision to his material and gives it a melancholic (sometimes quite bleak) tinge. The overall effect he achieves is quite breathtaking” - Radio Wigwam - “Enok Amrani – “Takin’ Back My Freedom” - This Norwegian singer songwriter brings an incredible precision to his songwriting “ - EarToTheGround Music “ Enok Amrani is a Norwegian, who to this date has 5 singles out. Those singles are all delicious, soulful indie rock. Fans of Ray LaMontagne and Ryan Adams should listen to the “Reasons” - song” - Gobsmag #newmusicblog