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Roni Dot (ISR)

Roni Dot's two greatest loves are music and theater. The combination of these two worlds creates a pop-cabaret sound that makes her stand out in the Israeli indie scene. Dot's vocals and performance alongside her fashionably elegant image bring to mind pop divas such as Annie Lenox and Kate Bush. The new album, "What may come" (2017) tells a tale of a woman who asks direct questions about obsession, love, frustration, motherhood and dreams. Writing her own lyrics and music Dot clearly defines her unique bittersweet-humoristic style. Roni Dot's band consists of three male musicians - piano, bass and drums (both acoustic and electronic) emphasizing the feminine leadership, soft but biting, delicate but forceful. She has proven that behind the musician there's also a truly dedicated ideological woman, ready to fight for her rights and for those of others. For several years Dot was on the board of directors of SHAHAM- Israel's actors guild, initiating major changes in the everyday life of actors/actresses with special focus on the prevailing sexual harassment.