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Kitok (SE)

schedule 2019-09-05 22:00:00
location_city Konserthuset - Foajén
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With an unmistakable voice and a raw energy, Kitok is rare diamond in Swedish hip hop. A voice for the countryside in general and his Sapmi roots in particular. A brave, creative force which always goes his own way. ”Inland Empire” is Magnus Ekelund's third album as Kitok, the alias he took from his Sapmi family name. The debut, platinum-streamed "Paradise Jokkmokk" was marked by revenge and the sequel ”#Darkwebdetox” of identity crisis. Kitok possesses the ability, as easily as he lets genres meet, to seamlessly blend humor and seriousness into his music. A grateful talent for avoiding pretensions in heavy topics such as class, countryside, mental illness and ethnicity. ”Inland Empire” is also a fun record filled with playful lines and hilarity. Joy of life and melancholy side by side.