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The Bongo Club (SE)

schedule 2019-09-06 23:00:00
location_city Boulebar
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The Bongo Club is a Swedish indie rock band from the city of Borås. No, you’ve probably never heard about it. Borås is a rainy city an hour outside of Gothenburg, and a pretty good one if you wanna stay in your rehearsal space, focus on writing songs and hoping to get out. For some years now, The Bongo Club has gotten out, and in the meantime they’ve managed to become really good songwriters and a totally explosive act on stage. Being 23/24 years old and with 250+ shows done, they create a vibe that always connects people to the band, sharing the moment just getting it on, together. This is a band ready to snatch focus from the products that just have to be passed their heyday. This is for real and it’s happening now. Next release is planned for Friday 13th of October, the first single for the upcoming album due in February 2018. This track, Seventeen, was mixed by genius/gentleman Owen Morris and produced by Anders Lagerfors, in Nacksving Studios, Gothenburg, Sweden. The band works with German label Motor Music and is represented in the same area (GSA) by Wizard Promotions. - We’re about being young with a gigantic lust for life, and being both confused and desperate. Not wanting to think about tomorrow but knowing you gotta be at work at 07.00, if you even have a job. We’re about all that. That’s us, now. Soon that’ll be who we were, we got plenty of stuff to do, says vocalist Jesper Jansson.