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Like Elephants (AT)

schedule 2019-09-07 23:00:00
location_city Makeriet - Glashuset
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INES#talent 2019 New album 'KALEISOSCOPE' out now! LIKE ELEPHANTS Through the long lasting collaboration of five musicians of different musical projects, a new band arose – „Like Elephants“. The dreamy, ambient and partly mystical sound of this band is based on simple pop melodies that are steadily highlighted by generous reverbs. These songs convey different kinds of atmospheric pictures, which range from joie de vivre to euphoria and from dreaminess to melancholy. Exuberance often alternates with more quiet parts, by what life itself is described – in all its facets and colors. Putting the band in to a certain box turns out to be quite difficult. Some say itʼs Indie, others simply call it Dream Pop. Others also detect influences from bands that once shaped the New Wave and Post Punk era during the 80s. But maybe all and none of these different styles are what makes up „Like Elephants“. Besides these styles, the song writing is diverse as well and often so abstract that the listener has a lot of room for interpretation. Then, some songs want to make a clear statement, like „Donʼt Forget To Breathe“, which descri- bes the worldʼs dependence on technology and modern media. In the end, the bandʼs goal is to transfer the listener into a dream world, where they would hold and shake them, just to then softly release them back into the real world. „Like Elephants“ stands for fresh, young and varied pop music that continues to reinvent itself.