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Mohlavyr (SE)

schedule 2019-09-08 01:00:00
location_city Makeriet - Magasinet
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The Swedish artist 'Mohlavyr' is known for her experimental way to combine her music with art and conceptual projects. She wrote her first song in 2007 and has never stopped since. A lot of effort is put into the lyrics and she has written songs in Swedish since 2013. Currently she is working on her third album. When touring, Mohlavyr performs in various constellations of artists and musicians. At the Live at Heart Festival, Mohlavyr will perform together with the band: Silia Hahne (cello), Johannes Carlsson (guitar) and Oskar Cederblad (drums). On the 16th of November (2018), Mohlavyr released her new single "Kära kropp"; a song dealing with body image issues and how a malicious comment can become a grief and sorrow throughout life. Simultaneously, Mohlavyr has been running a photo project where anonymous participants have shared their body issues and stories. The project has received a lot of attention on exhibitions as well as in local and national media. Recently Mohlavyr hosted the Swedish Radio program "Kroppskontakt" at channel P1 by Stina Wollter. Read more at