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Wolf & Moon (DE)

January 2019 at AdP Records appears. Her subtle yet energetic and rousing songs about wanderlust, travel and the thirst for adventure present her on tour in the coming months in Australia, Great Britain, Ireland and Germany. Wolf & Moon's music lives from the dichotomy of their voices and unites dreamy indie folk with electronic elements. The musical influences of the two include artists like Feist, Bon Iver and The XX. Recorded was "Before It Gets Dark" in Sweden when Stefany and Dennis packed their entire lives in a car and spent a long summer there. In Stockholm, they met on the multi-platinum endowed and Grammy-nominated producer John Andersson, who became a friend immediately and eventually produced the album. The upcoming LP includes the song "Static Pair", which was selected as the title track for the forthcoming exhibition of the "Game of Thrones" artist "Unseen Westeros" in Berlin. The duo arose when Stefany and Dennis met in the Netherlands somewhere near 52.0907 ° N, 5.1214 ° E and immediately clicked. Without further ado, Stefany decided to take Dennis on her already planned trip to the USA and to explore the country by playing music together. Thought, done. They booked a handful of concerts at the legendary Rockwood Music Hall and The Bitter End, New York, where artists like Bob Dylan and Lady Gaga began their careers. From there everything took its course. Wolf & Moon were invited to play more gigs in San Francisco and LA, began writing songs about their experiences and the people they met, and ultimately played in front of Harry Belafonte, who made Dennis the compliment of his life: "Great tune you got there, son! ". Their very first song together "Getaway" wrote Wolf & Moon on a farm in anticipation of the aforementioned road trip. In the text, they explain to each other and to the listener "You know I want to get away with you." The song captures the concentrated energy that does not make you sleep before a long journey. "Getaway" became the anthem of the band and is the first single release the starting signal for an exciting adventure.