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Manu Vera Tudela (PE)

Manu Vera Tudela (Lima, 1984) is a peruvian songwriter whose music goes through different genres which could be summarized as a warm and intimate folk with influences of traditional music, especially from Peru. He has published four albums: "Evacuación", "Cusco", "Energía Libre" and "Hilo", which explore themes about nature, life, death, love and music as a way of liberation and self discovering. His latest release was "Jardín", a short suite with four songs. He has lived in Lima (capital of Peru), close to the sea -one of his main themes in his music- but he also lived in Cusco, between the Andes, where he was in touch with ancients traditions and built a strong relationship with the city and mountains. He also love traveling and discovering more about the world through people and landscapes. All these inputs come to his music and become Manu in an artist in constant change, who experiences through sound, soundscape and interaction with their environment the uniqueness of life. Manu is also a journalist and guitar teacher. He's researching about Peruvian music, especially related with afro tradition and percussion.