Get discovered at Live at Heart 2019

Apply to perform or screen your film for the Live at Heart, one of Scandinavia's biggest showcase festivals.
Band or ArtistFilmmaker

Band or Artist

Bands and artists apply to perform at Live at Heart through gigmit.
Last day to apply is May 31 2019.
Here's how you apply through gigmit

1. Create an artist profile (if you don’t have one already).

2. Find Live at Heart via Gig search > Modify search > Use search term “Live at Heart” and press “Find gigs” 3. Choose Live at Heart from the search results and apply. It’s free. but you have to start a “trial period” that you can cancel later.

If you have any further questions, please advise our FAQ page

Terms of participation
If accepted, these are the terms of your participation:

  • You are offered at least 1 (one) gig during one of the festival’s evenings between 4/9 – 7/9 2019. The gig will be 40 minutes long.
  • Live at Heart will provide a basic standard backline, depending on each venue’s specifications. Detailed technical venue specification will be provided with your bands festival schedule.
  • You may sell your merchandise on-site. We take no charge or responsibility for that. But make sure to inform us in advance!
  • The band/artists receive one festival pass per person. The acts crew members (maximum two people per act) register themselves as music industry and will also receive a delegate pass each. With this pass, you can access all seminars, concerts, film screenings and more.
  • The artist should cover their own travel expenses to the festival.
  • You will be offered subsidized accommodation at a four star hotel in central Örebro
Good to know
We are glad that you are considering applying to Live at Heart. We try to be as open as possible about the selection process for our acts. Here are some hints to make you look good on your applicstion.

First of all, we get a lot of applicants. Our 200 slots are sought after by over 2000 acts. We don’t have time to discuss or communicate with everyone, but we listen to all submissions (on Gigmit, you can see when we viewed your profile). Sending email after email asking if we have booked or listened to your act is not a good move. We have a deadline, after which we notify all applicants on their result. Next year, that deadline is on the 31 of July. If you haven’t received an answer by then, please contact us. 

But we understand that you want to promote your work and can’t present it all on Gigmit (We handle most our applications through Gigmit). Our PR address lets you ask questions or promote yourself. It’s read by the booking team.

Yes, we are a team. Live at Heart is booked by a team of people of different ages, genders and backgrounds. In total we are six people with different tastes but with a shared passion for music. However, you can only be booked if the whole team approves. There is no point in emailing us personally or adding us on Facebook or LinkedIn, since it is a joint decision. Use to reach the entire team.

We are a showcase festival.We don’t pay the acts that are showcasing. We have invited promoters and buyers and created a platform for you to present your act to them, with the potential to get booked or signed. Neither do we cover your travel or lodging costs, but we do offer locals free festival tickets in exchange for letting performers stay at their places.

Yes, we do sell tickets, but that money goes towards getting music industry professionals to attend the event and find new acts to promote. We actually don’t pay them either, just their travel and lodsing (some if them even cover their own costs). And quite frankly, they are doing us all a great service, providing their expertise for so little.

At the end of the day, we are a non-profit organization (starting in 2019). Our job is to build a platform for performers to promote themselves and seize the opportunities we bring to the table.

So don’t tell us your fees or argue about travel costs. We know it costs money, we just hope that you will see value in coming to Live at Heart and furthering your career.

What is the team looking for? Good music is second to none! Here is some info on what will help us discover your good music:

Live videos. We’re all about live performance, and we want to see what our acts do live. Don’t be shy just because it’s a phone recording, or because the sound quality is bad (we can always listen to the studio tracks on Spotify or Soundcloud later), or if it’s filmed in a local pub (audience size doesn’t matter to us). So beyond sending us a recorded track, linking us a live performance video will make a great deal of difference. We suggest uploading one music video and one live video to your Gigmit profile.

Press pictures. We just hate to hunt down artists for the official press pictures. Upload them to Gigmit for us, please.

Let us know if you have played at other showcase festivals – list your past gigs on Gigmit.

A biography helps. Tell us your career highlights, not your entire history. Not having a bio, or a one-sentence bio, reduces your chances of getting booked.

Don’t seek us out just for a festival gig or a general gig. We are looking for acts that want to get into the international market. We like acts that have some professionals around them like managers, publishers or labels. It’s not a requirement – you may be going to Live at Heart to find those professionals – but we are looking for artists that take the opportunities that the workshops or seminars provide. This is so much more than just a gig. It’s an experience and a chance to move your career forward. We are looking for artists that will seize that opportunity.



Filmmakers use to submit feature films to the Live at Heart program and enter the short film competition
Last day to apply is April 30 2019.


Rules and Terms

Short Films

Open to all countries 
Year of production: 2017/2018/2019 
Genre: Open for all genres 
Length: 1-60 min 
Submission format: Online Video Streaming 
Screening Format: DCP – Digital Cinema Package 
English subtitles

Feature Films

Open to all countries 
Year of production: 2017/2018/2019 
Genre: Open for all genres 
Length: 60-120 min 
Submission format: Online Video Streaming 
Screening Format: DCP – Digital Cinema Package 
English subtitles

In order to ensure the quality of the selection process we charge an entry fee. 
The entry fee cost will also later provide for travel- and accommodation expenses for the filmmakers of the selected films that we are inviting to attend the festival. 



Awards and Prizes

Live at Heart Short Film Competition 2019

The Live at Heart Short Film Competition 2019 includes two sections: “International​ Award”​​ ​and ​”N​ational Award”​. From the application films will get nominated to compete by a pre-jury. During the festival, the competing films will be screened for an international jury ​who will choose a winner. ​

Films that are not nominated in the competition still has a chance to get admitted in the Live at Heart short film program.