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I didn’t get a receipt or a ticket when I paid for my ticket - what should I do?

We have had some problems with customers not receiving their confirmation e-mails after purchasing tickets online. Please contact our ticket partner Resia at congress.orebro@resia.se to get help with your purchase.

The festival

When will you announce more artists and films?

Live at Heart 2018 will feature more than 200 music acts and films. These will be announced throughout this spring and summer, running up to the festival in september.

Make sure to follow Live at Heart on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the newest act and film releases!

When will you announce the full festival program?

The full festival program will be available in the beginning of August 2018. 

Applying via Gigmit.com

How do I find Live at Heart on Gigmit?

From Gigmit’s homepage, go to For Bands & DJs > Gig search > Modify search > Use search term “Live at Heart”  and press “Find gigs”.

Does it cost money to apply through Gigmit.com?

No, it is free to apply to Live at Heart through Gigmit. You do have to apply for a PRO account, but you can cancel it immediately after registration. You then have a free account and can apply to play at Live at Heart.

Why does Gigmit ask for my payment details?

Verifying information about artists and promoters on Gigmit helps to make our community a safer place for everyone. This is a best practice in online services and you might know it from services like AirBnB, Netflix or Spotify. It also stops spamming our system with artists that might not be genuine. However, it is completely free to apply to Live at Heart via Gigmit.

Do I have to apply though Gigmit?

No. All applications for Live at Heart 2018 have to go though Gigmit.com. We do not accept applications via e-mail or any other platform. 

Do I need to fill out the VAT number or the VAT %?

No, you can skip those steps if you want to.