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Tech Specs

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Provided / Not Provided on the stages

Contact information to sound technicans

Detailed Tech Specs for Stages


Important, action required:

Please fill in this form regarding your technical specifications during the Live At Heart Festival:


It takes 3-5 minutes. As soon as possible, please! It goes to the technicians and is very important information for them to know about your show.

Sound check:

On Live at Heart we don’t have any soundchecks, we only do line check.
Between the acts, there are 20 minutes and there you do your line check. It’s very important to hold these times. If you take longer time with the changeover it will be taken off your 40 minutes playing time. You are not allowed to keep playing after your set time not even if the audience screams “one more time”.
Important to get off the stage fast after the show to leave room for the next band to linecheck.
This is because many of our visitors and industry people plan their schedule very tight and maybe just goes in and see one or two songs on an artist to be able to see several in each slot.
Also if we are delayed it can get to that the last band in the evening has to cancel. So keep your scheduled time very closely.
40 min playing time
20 min changeover