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What is sensation?


Is it the goosebumps you get from hearing a freakishly good song? Is it the excitement you feel when getting a new genious idea? Is it the warmth of someone’s arm around you when walking the streets of Örebro? Is it the joy of finding a new business opportunity. Or is it that feeling of anticipation when they finally turn down the lights in the cinema.

To us, it’s all of those things – and much, much more.

Live at Heart is one of Scandinavia’s biggest showcase festivals and industry conferences. We are showcasing the stars of tomorrow and bringing creative professionals together to inspire, learn and create. During Live at Heart, hundreds of artists, filmmakers, industry delegates and thousands of Live at Heart fans come together in the heart of Örebro. They come from different backgrounds, cultures and industries. But they do have one thing in common.

They are all here to discover sensation.

Live at Heart news

United Stage gets their own venue at Live at Heart

One of Sweden's largest booking companies, United Stage, is launching a collaboration with Live at Heart this year and will present its own venue during the festival. A total of five acts from different genres are presented. "We have had our eyes on the festival for a long time. This year we felt that Live at Heart has taken a big step in its development and we decided to give our full support. We believe that in the long term it will be an excellent context for new artists to showcase - probably even for some established live acts. We are delighted to have a venue available during one of the days of this year's edition. " says Lars Rixon, agent at United Stage. Since debuting with the song "When I Held Ya" which has streamed over 21 million times, Moa Lignell not only has written and released two albums of her own, she has also written songs for other Swedish artists, the lastest one being ”Vi har varit här förut", which was written for Swedish artist Sonja Aldén. In the spring of 2018, she toured Sweden together with Janne Schaffer and the show "Janne Schaffer träffar Ted Gärdestad i Sol Vind & Vatten". Now Moa is making new music that she brings to Örebro and Live at Heart. Kitok possesses the ability, as easily as he lets genres meet, to seamlessly blend humor and seriousness into his music. A grateful talent for avoiding pretensions in heavy topics such as class, countryside, mental illness and ethnicity. ”Inland Empire” is also a fun record filled with playful lines and hilarity. Joy of life and melancholy side by side. ShitKid is a duo consisting of Åsa Söderqvist and Lina Molarin Ericson. They have in a short time become one of Sweden's most talked about bands and have been acclaimed by both international and national press. The sound can be described as a kind of skewed anti-pop. Home-recorded lo-fi written and produced by Åsa and Lina and characterized by influences from, among others, grunge and garage rock. In recent years, they have emerged as one of Scandinavia's most exciting, new, alternative and provocative live bands. They have toured around Scandinavia, Europe and the USA with gigs at festivals such as Roskilde, Way Out West, By:Larm, The Great Escape and the SXSW festival. In the spring of 2019, ShitKid released their second album Detention and will release their third album already in the fall. VERO is the definition of a modern band. Taken together by the nightlife, they went from mixing disco, to starting a band and entering the rock scene. Julia Boman, Amanda Eddestål and Clara Gyökeres have no drummer for the reason "an 808 is never late", instead the band only works with guitar, bass and synth, which has given rise to their international special sound. On the debut EP, VERO paves the way for a new vein in popular Swedish music. They are ruthless, innovative, bold - and show with integrity and humor why they are called Swedish pops Black sheep. The opening track Dry Kisses is an 80s romantic marriage between Tears for Fears and Jesus & The Mary Chain, The Cure-pop Don't Care / Die With You and Love Bark that can almost be described as a bad taste boogie performed by John Cooper Clarke while In Flames, it sounds as if New order and Patti Smith have dropped the set together on a rave. brenn. after the Danish Roskilde Festival and the Norwegian Øya Festival, they are in Sweden for the first time. brenn. is the Norwegian duo who prove that the rock can be fearless, free, colorful and also driven by unlikely musical references. The press in Norway is lyrical, Norwegian P3 nominated brenn. to the prestigious "Urørt of the Year" and wherever they play, the writers are competing for best superlatives. One of Norway's biggest newspapers, VG, wrote after the Øya festival in Oslo that "this is the future of rock". The full program is available at Live at Heart takes place in Örebro between 4-7 September and tickets can be purchased here

2019-08-23 11:52

World Premiere at Live at Heart! Don't Let Me Fall Too Far with Rozalind MacPhail

We are thrilled to have Canadian award-winning international touring artist, Rozalind MacPhail returning to Live at Heart. She will be performing the World Premiere of her live music and film project, "Don't Let Me Fall Too Far" on Sept 6th. The project tells a timeless story of self-discovery experienced by a young woman navigating her way through a vulnerable period in her life. She’s haunted by strange visions guiding her to unfamiliar places as she explores an expansive city of industrial giants, natural wonders and aging Victorian neighbourhoods. MacPhail's electrifying live music score features vocals, looped effected flutes and electronics. This is not to be missed! Screening right before A Star is Born on Sept 6th at 19:30 at the Outdoor Cinema, Stortorget.

2019-08-22 11:03

The Black Belt Songwriting camp at Live at Heart

The Black Belt Songwriting camp at Live@Heart has some really interesting advantages compared to traditional camps arranged by publishers and record companies. Not only does it occur right in the middle of the action at Scandinavias biggest show case festival (tickets included), it is also managed by a team with a special approach to supporting collaboration. The hosts are actively involved before, during and after the camp to make sure productions gets finished and really level up to get competitive. Part of the Black Belt Camp’s DNA is the global presence, fully implemented in the Online editions. The Live@Heart Camp will, as well, present a chance to get connected with songwriters, artists and producers from parts of the world outside the North America/Western Europe sphere. Vitalizing and energizing from the view of an artist/songwriter, interesting from a publishers view (new talents, new markets, new connection). Treat your songwriters/artists to a ticket, to boost creativity and carry them forward. You will see results! For more information:

2019-08-21 16:00


Enfo bjuder tillsammans med Live at Heart Creative in till Kidzhack! Låt ditt barn få utforska teknik på ett engagerande och spännande sätt. Använda sin fantasi och låta kreativiteten flöda. Vi tror att programmering är en viktig nyckel för barn att förstå sin omvärld. Om man inte förstår hur världen är uppbyggd, hur ska man då kunna vara med och förändra den? Tillsammans med barnen bygger vi spel i Construct3. Aktiviteten är bäst lämpad för barn i 8-12 års åldern men även äldre och yngre har roligt på Kidzhack. Vi bjuder på pizza! Klicka vidare på länken för att komma till anmälan.

2019-08-18 17:52

The Taiwanese band Flux comes to Live at Heart

Flux is a band that has now begun to get a bigger fanbase and their album "Pluralism" which was nominated for both the Golden Melody Awards and the Golden Indie Awards. Flux blends modern dance music with rock and is the perfect mix for partying. It is thanks to the collaboration with Golden Melody Awards that Live at Heart gets in tomorrow's stars from Asia. Last year, the rap group Yeemao joined Live at Heart. One part of Yeemao is Leo Wang who became the male artist of the year at the Golden Melody Awards 2019. A gala saw by millions of people across Asia. "They are stars coming to Örebro and playing at Live at Heart. It is a little like for a Swedish fan that Håkan Hellström was in New York. Flux was our first choice this year when we were in Taiwan and watched the selections at the Golden Melody Festival. Flux is just where the pop today mixes east and west ". Says Peter Åstedt who is her hand on international bookings. The collaboration also means that GMA will take out a western act that will play at the Golden Melody Festival in Taipei where they gather most of the key players for the Asian market. The festival is also just before the Golden Melody Awards and the artists who are selected may walk on the red carpet on the gala as VIP guests and mingle with the cream of the Asian music industry. Live at Heart gets visitors from a team from Taiwan to check out next year's artist who gets the chance to go. The artists that have visited GMA before is The Magnettes and Royal Prospect and with the results that their songs been covered in Asia. That they have standing invitations to play at several Asian festivals. Both bands are a special invitation to play on Live at Hearts 10th Anniversary.

2019-08-14 18:08


Filmfoten has been awarded since 1998 in appreciation to creators in the art of film. This year the prize is awarded by the Live at Heart festival, Örebro Filmförening and Film i Örebro län. Earlier recipients are Anna Weitz (Förvaret 2018), Abbe Hassan, Ivicia Zubac and the production company Indian summer (Måste Gitt 2017), and Linus Andersson, Eleni Young and David Sandberg (Kung Fury 2016). This year, Filmfoten will be awarded to the production company Crazy Pictures. The jury’s motivation: ”With striking visual storytelling and humor, they repeatedly raise important social issues in their short films. They have inspired a younger generation of filmmakers to seize their creativity and passion, and have proven that a budget never has to stand in the way of success. This collective from Norrköping has, with their feature film debut Den blomstertid nu kommer, made the impossible possible and shook the Swedish film industry forever. The Live at Heart festival’s Filmfoten 2019 will be awarded to Crazy Pictures”. The prize will be awarded September 7th 19:00 at the Hjalmar Bergman theater.

2019-08-14 11:57