16 new acts ready for Live at Hearts 10th anniversary

Feb 25, 2019

Today, the Live at Heart festival releases another 16 acts for this year’s festival, which takes place between September 4-7 in Örebro.

Some artists to watch are, for example, Ruth Koleva, from Bulgaria, who has previously been recognized by star producer Mark Ronson (Amy Whinehouse, Lady Gaga) and the band Lake Malawi who participates in the sub-finals of the Czech Republic’s Eurovision round.

For those who are interested in music and odd instruments, there is the band Lusitanian Ghost, a project in which most highly recognized musicians are included. The group plays traditional string instruments from Portugal that are almost forgotten; amarantina, beiroa, braguesa, campaniça, terceirense, toeira and the somewhat unpopular Swedish nyckelharpan.

For Live at Hearts 10th anniversary, the festival continues to book old favorites and veterans. Today’s release includes, among others, Anna Fogel, Lobo Interestelar, Dan Millson and Adée. Adée has, after her recent performance at Live at Heart, worked with star performers who have been behind JayZ, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys and Snoop Dogg. Back from last year we also have Velvet Starling, which consists of the talented 15-year-old who is currently selling out his shows in Los Angeles. The American band The Mommyheads are also back for a Swedish tour in September where they will perform at Live at Heart.

Complete artist release:

Adée (SWE)
Amaunet (SWE)
Anna Fogel (SWE)
Dan Millson (SPA)
Ducks! (GER)
Jazzybit (RO)
Lake Malawi (CZ)
Lobo Interestelar (SWE)
Lovis (SWE)
Lusitanian Ghosts (PT / SWE)
Ruth Koleva (BU)
Sivan Talmor (ISR)
The Mommyheads (USA)
Velvet Starling (USA)
Wohl (MX)
Zoee (UK)