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What is sensation?


Is it the goosebumps you get from hearing a freakishly good song? Is it the excitement you feel when getting a new genious idea? Is it the warmth of someone’s arm around you when walking the streets of Örebro? Is it the joy of finding a new business opportunity. Or is it that feeling of anticipation when they finally turn down the lights in the cinema.

To us, it’s all of those things – and much, much more.

Live at Heart is one of Scandinavia’s biggest showcase festivals and industry conferences. We are showcasing the stars of tomorrow and bringing creative professionals together to inspire, learn and create. During Live at Heart, hundreds of artists, filmmakers, industry delegates and thousands of Live at Heart fans come together in the heart of Örebro. They come from different backgrounds, cultures and industries. But they do have one thing in common.

They are all here to discover sensation.

Live at Heart news

Lolita Pop Reunites at Live at Heart in Örebro

This year marks the 40th anniversery of the first ever gig performed by the rock band Lolita Pop. It all took place on 26th of May 1979 at the then legendary club Rockmagasinet in Örebro. That became the start of a long career consisting of years and years of touring and succesful album releases. With songs like ”Långa tåg av längtan”, ”Hey winner” and ”Tarzan on a big red scooter” being some of their biggest hits. After the release of their album ”Blumenkraft” in 1991 Lolita Pop split up - but now they are reuniting for the 10th anniversary of Live at Heart. - ”Live at Heart has asked us to reunite for all these years. Now 40 years have passed and the stars have finally aligned. So he’re we go. I’m looking forward to hearing Benkt and Sten’s guitars” says Karin Wistrand - ”It feels incredibly to have our local rock heroes choosing to have their reunion during Live at Heart. And of course it’s especially exciting that both us and Lolita Pop are celebrating big anniversaries this year” says Magnus Tunmats, festival coordinator at Live at Heart.

2019-05-24 12:57

Beardmen Agency Group presents its own scene on Live at Heart

Beardmen starts a collaboration with Live at Heart and presents a scene with six artists during the festival's 10th anniversary. Since the beginning of 2014, Beardmen has arranged more than 250 concerts, five clubs and three festivals with over 350 different artists and both parties are looking forward to the cooperation. “We are very happy that the Beardmen Agency Group has been invited to be part of Live at Heart. In addition to getting the chance to discover new artists and create new contacts, we will present selected parts of our artist roster on a separate stage during the festival” says Emma Andersson, Creative Director at Beardmen. "That companies of this type come to Live at Heart is great fun and a confirmation that we are growing as a showcase festival. Beardmen has a good set of musicians in their line-up and I am sure they will present a great scene in September”says Magnus Tunmats, festival coordinator for Live at Heart. Acts on Beardmen-stage: Jangle Town Otheas Ravendal Simon Swahnström The Riven Åskväder

2019-05-09 06:55

Live at Heart releases fifteen Swedish acts to this year's festival

Live at Heart welcomes May and the approaching summer with the release of fifteen Swedish artists to this year's 10th anniversary. "We often talk about Live at Hearts international impact but of course our Swedish artists are at least as much of the festival. Therefore, it feels extra fun that we lift them today and that there are a lot of local Örebro musicians among the names” says Magnus Tunmats, festival coordinator at Live at Heart. Today's artists include Trofast, a Swedish hip-hop star who has achieved great success both in Sweden and in Norway. Oscar Soul Experience, which in the past has been something of a talk of the town under Live at Heart. This year they are also booked to Livepool Sound City and are current with a US tour and an album recording. Haywireband are real Live at Heart veterans who won two titles at Country-SM in Sweden. Those without is the Örebro band who went to the sister festival Live at Heart Newfoundland. Another Örebro band, who debuts on Live at Heart this year is the local act The Kollektive. Other Örebro bands are Tom Valheart and The Echo Detour, Vincent Jedselius, Novel Fae, Rivertown Blues and Joe Fiddle. All acts in this release: WoodsFolk Tiny Fighter Tom Valhjärta And The Echo Detour Victor Furbacken Joe Fiddle Oscar Soul Experience Haywireband Vincent Jedselius Those Without Rivertown Blues LULA The Kollektive Trofast Sunny Days Novel·Fae

2019-05-02 09:33

Live at Heart wishes happy Easter and highlights women in today's artist release

Live at Heart Festival in Örebro celebrates Easter with the release of ten new bookings for its 10th anniversary. Common to today's artist release is that all acts are fronted by women. An act that stands out is the Swedish Pajala band The Magnettes. The band is up to date with tours in Europe, Asia and the United States, they have been signed by an American record label and opened for bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ke$ha. The Magnettes made their Live at Heart debut as early as 2014 and will now return to Örebro to perform at the festival's 10th anniversary this summer. “The last time we played Live at Heart was 2017 and that weekend was one of the best on the whole year for us. We like Live at Heart and have experienced tremendous support from the people of Örebro. This year we will offer them new songs and very much energy, " promises The Magnettes all festival visitors. The Magnettes consists of Rebecka Digervall (vocals), Sanna Kalla (vocals) and Tomas Bäcklund Thuneström (guitar, drums, keyboard). Press image: Rickard Åstedt Complete artist release: The Magnettes (Sweden) June Cocó (Germany) Cosmorose (Denmark) Fenna Frei (Argentina) Magda Andersson (Sweden) Silver (Sweden) Karimah (Canada) Justine Her (Sweden) Clara Alm (Sweden) Elin Namnieks (Sweden)

2019-04-17 19:07

Live at Heart releases new international acts for this year's festival

Live at the Heart Festival begins the week of releasing artists from twelve different countries to this year's edition of the festival. “It feels incredibly fun that there is such a strong international interest in Live at Heart. We have applications from all over the world and my hope is that this year's 10th anniversary will be more international than ever before,”says Magnus Tunmats, COO for Live at Heart. Among the festival's new bookings are recognized Tribal Royal from Canada. The band played at Live at Heart for the first time last year and were then booked to Live at Heart Newfoundland and to the world's largest festival Summerfest in Milwaukee. After that, their careers has taken off and the band is up to date with gigs at Westway Lab in Portugal and Midem in France before Örebro gets them back to Live at Hearts 10th anniversary. Complete release: Skaar, Norway Enok Amrani, Norway Kira Mac, Great Britain The Recks, Guernsey Nik/Novakovic, Germany The Razzzones, Germany Lane Of Lion, Germany Prinz Grizzley, Austria Mary PopKids, Hungary Myra Monoka, Hungary Saverne, Hungary Martin Harich, Slovakia Roni Dot, Israel Old Fashioned Lover Boy, Italy Ilaria Graziano & Francesco Forni, Italy Tribe Royal, Canada My Son the Hurricane, Canada This Frontier Needs Heroes, USA NUSSY, Australia Ha the Unclear, New Zealand

2019-04-09 08:11

16 new acts ready for Live at Hearts 10th anniversary

Today, the Live at Heart festival releases another 16 acts for this year’s festival, which takes place between September 4-7 in Örebro. Some artists to watch are, for example, Ruth Koleva, from Bulgaria, who has previously been recognized by star producer Mark Ronson (Amy Whinehouse, Lady Gaga) and the band Lake Malawi who participates in the sub-finals of the Czech Republic’s Eurovision round. For those who are interested in music and odd instruments, there is the band Lusitanian Ghost, a project in which most highly recognized musicians are included. The group plays traditional string instruments from Portugal that are almost forgotten; amarantina, beiroa, braguesa, campaniça, terceirense, toeira and the somewhat unpopular Swedish nyckelharpan. For Live at Hearts 10th anniversary, the festival continues to book old favorites and veterans. Today’s release includes, among others, Anna Fogel, Lobo Interestelar, Dan Millson and Adée. Adée has, after her recent performance at Live at Heart, worked with star performers who have been behind JayZ, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys and Snoop Dogg. Back from last year we also have Velvet Starling, which consists of the talented 15-year-old who is currently selling out his shows in Los Angeles. The American band The Mommyheads are also back for a Swedish tour in September where they will perform at Live at Heart. Complete artist release: Adée (SWE) Amaunet (SWE) Anna Fogel (SWE) Dan Millson (SPA) Ducks! (GER) Jazzybit (RO) Lake Malawi (CZ) Lobo Interestelar (SWE) Lovis (SWE) Lusitanian Ghosts (PT / SWE) Ruth Koleva (BU) Sivan Talmor (ISR) The Mommyheads (USA) Velvet Starling (USA) Wohl (MX) Zoee (UK)

2019-03-19 07:21

First artists of the 10 year anniversary of Live at Heart revealed

Live at Heart takes place 4-7 September in Örebro this year and celebrates its 10th anniversary. The festival starts off the year by releasing an early lineup of artists. We will be presenting a slightly different festival program in honor of the anniversary. In addition to various international acts, we will be inviting back festival favorites from previous years. It will kind of be the “Greatest Hits” of Live at Heart, says Magnus Tunmats, festival coordinator at Live at Heart. In the first part of this year’s lineup, you can already find some Live at Heart veterans who will return to Örebro to celebrate the anniversary together with the festival and its guests. Billy Momo (Sweden) have held very appreciated concerts each year they have performed at Live at Heart and are now back with their groovy mix of blues, country and folk. Wolf & Moon (Germany) is the audience favorite Stefanie June’s latest project that goes under the genre of dream-folk pop. Bara Jonson and Free (Sweden) started playing on the festival’s smaller scenes three years ago and have since moved on to become one of the bigger acts last year. Through Live at Heart they have established contacts that led to them touring in Germany and performing at Live at Heart Newfoundland in Canada. Eleonor Léone (Sweden) was chosen to perform at Live at Heart Newfoundland where she was discovered and got several performances in Asia, including in India. She has also been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. LYS (France) was discovered by Steve Hewitt, songwriter and drummer in the band Placebo, who also produces their records. LYS is a band to keep your eyes on for all Placebo fans. Simon Alexander (Sweden) and Agata Karczewska (Poland) are two singer-songwriters that were widely talked about during last year’s festival. Erika Jonsson (Sweden) got her breakthrough in 2014 with her song “Sången om Värmland” that stepped directly into the Swedish, and the Norwegian, folk soul and has since sold gold. Her Swedish country is now coming to Örebro. One Horse Band (Italy) is a band and a horse. Bluesy garage rock you don’t want to miss. Diamond Thug (South Africa) travels a long way to give Örebro a taste of their experimental pop. Hannah Scott (UK) is an acoustic pop act from Great Britain. Zanzinger (Hungary) is a singer-songwriter from Hungary with a fondness for American folk music. Complete list of revealed artists: Agata Karczewska Billy Momo Bara Jonson and Free Diamond Thug Eleonor Léone Erika Jonsson Hannah Scott LYS Meadows One Horse Band Simon Alexander Wolf & Moon Zanzinger

2019-03-19 06:51